Camping Hiking and Mountaineering Accessories Buying Guide  

Camping, hiking and mountaineering can turn out to be great provided you have the right and necessary accessories. They make or break your experience outdoors.  


Cookware is an absolutely essential thing when you are out camping and hiking.  

  • Cutlery Sets: You can get cutlery sets with just the right and necessary things you will need for your camp. They can be rolled up for tidiness and storage.
  • Camping Frying Pan: The handle of these frying pans fold away easily for convenient storage. They also facilitate easy cleaning.
  • Camping Cooker and Stoves: A great storm-proof and spirit burning stove which is light as well as fast will be ideal for outdoor people.  
  • Camping Kettle: Kettles with folding handles serve ideal for your outdoor activities.

Outdoor Clothing

  • It is very important to have the right clothing to suit your outdoor activity.
  • 3-in-1 jackets offer a better warmth and versatility.
  • There are also waterproof jackets or soft shell jackets and fleeces.
  • If you are camping, hiking or mountaineering in cold climates, base layers are the perfect way to maintain the right body temperature.
  • Other outdoor clothing accessories include gloves, scarves, hats, beanies, balaclaves and headbands.

Other Camping Accessories  

  • Family Camping Dome Tent:  Roomy tents are great for the whole family even during an extended trip.
  • Air Beds: Inflatable airbeds guarantee you a comfortable sleep whilst you are camping.
  • Camping Lanterns:  Lanterns light up your tent or caravan. They are even better if they are environmentally friendly.
  • Folding Mini Camping Tables: Camping tables serve great at campsites. They are often multi-featured for your convenience. Serve great while hiking or anywhere outdoors as they have adjustable height legs for uneven terrain.

Hiking Accessories  

  • Hiking Boots: They are necessary to keep your feet comfortable while exploring the outdoors. There are separate boots available for men and for women and also waterproof ones as well.
  • Hiking Socks and Gaiters: A great pair of hiking socks will prevent you from getting a blistered feet and thus spoiling your hiking experience.
  • Backpacks and Rucksacks: These are very essential for long distance travelling. They help to carry and store your useful items while on the move.
  • Mountain first aid kits, camping tents, tent light, tent pole repair kit are must to carry.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Short Sleeve Cooling Sports Base Layer :

With fine mesh zones on chest, underarm and spine, this cooling sports base layer is ideal for hiking and mountaineering. 

Long Sleeve Cooling Sports Base Layer :

Its set-in sleeves maximise comfort and wicking. It also has sun protection factor.  

Campingaz Camping Chef Plus :

This two burner stove folds down for easy transportation and storage. Keeping in mind your child's safety, this burner stove comes with push and turn knobs that are child safe and facilitate precise flame adjustment.  

Quick Picks

Family Camping with Cotsworld :

They provide everything from easy pitch tents, camp beds and sleeping bags to tailor-made stoves and cooking equipment.  

Coleman Camping Pot :

It is a high-grade steel pot for travelling. 

Camping Survival Kit :

You will definitely need to carry is for a safe and splendid camping experience.


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