Sleeping Bags Buying Guide

Planning to go on an outdoor trip? Without sleeping bags, your stay will only mean sleepless nights! They not only provide a good sleeping base, but also help in keeping you warm and cosy by maintaining the proper thermal condition of the body.     

What Kind Of Sleeping Bag Do You Want?

  • Mummy Bags are one of the popular types of sleeping bags that are used these days. They have closure and shape similar to mummies hence, they are named so. Only the nose and mouth would be exposed. The air inside these sleeping bags is trapped due to the hood and the drawstring hence, they’re good insulators. But not many are comfortable to sleep with their backs facing the ground and even can find them very claustrophobic. They are probably great for snuggling up in chilly weather.
  • Sleeping Bags with contours and dimensions near the hips, foot girth and shoulders offer a snug sleeping experience. There are even sleeping bags for women that are wide at the hips and slim around the shoulders.
  • Sleeping Bags for warm weather conditions have an opening or closing hood zippers and drawstrings.
  • Children’s Sleeping bags come in a variety of styles that will delight tiny tots! Whether it’s a slumber party or an outdoor excursion, these exciting bags with fun prints and designs will be a delight to them!

Types of Fill

The fill present in the sleeping bags determine their power to insulate.  Normally good filling materials are capable of retaining more air pockets, are light in weight, compact if compressed and quickly expandable. Quality fill will offer good insulation even when the bag is wet and will not cause any allergies or rashes.  Synthetic fibres are more affordable while down fill bags are higher in quality. 

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Stokke Xplory Sleeping Bag Fleece :

Get this warm fleece bag for chilly nights

Disney Pixar Cars - Lightyear Sleeping Bag :

Whether it’s a sleepover or a camping trip, snuggle into this cosy bag

Outwell Kids Flowies Sleeping Bag :

This is another pretty pick for girls.

Quick Picks

Pink Floral Sleeping Bag :

This rectangular sleeping bag has a wild, outdoorsy pink print. 

Gelert Scout Mummy Childrens Sleeping Bag :

This military style sleeping bag is ideal for little scouts

Confidence Loche Mummy Sleeping Bag :

This poly cotton style bag is comfortable for summer camping trips.    

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