Cycle Computers Buying Guide

Cycle computers are digital speedometers with some additional features. Both wired and wireless cycle computer models are currently available. Wireless cycle computer models are neater and faster compared to wired ones, but they could pick up interference at times.

Basic Cycle Computer Models

Basic cycle computer models are equipped only with the essential features. They are easy to fit and use, and they are compact and lightweight. They come with low battery indicators. These devices can be mounted either on the stem or the bar of your bicycle. You need to check for the following features if you go for basic models.  

  • Current speed display in either miles per hour or km per hour.        
  • Average speed display that is calculated by dividing the distance travelled by the ride time. 
  • Trip distance - the distance travelled since the last reset.
  • Total distance - the sum of all the trip distances, and this cannot be reset unless you remove the battery.
  • Ride timer - the time taken for riding in a particular trip. Check if this timer is of auto start/stop or it can run continuously. Auto start/stop timers will not record the time you spent waiting at stoplights and so on.

Advanced Cycle Computer Models

Advanced wireless cycle computer models are provided with a number of additional features. Advanced models are usually preferred if you are tracking your fitness level and performance. Check for the following features if you buy an advanced model.  

  • Cadence - the number of times the pedals go around per minute.
  • Dual bike settings - This plays a role if you have both mountain bike and road bike. Dual bike computer comes with two different calibration numbers so that you can swap the device for both your bikes.
  • Speed comparator - checks if the current speed is more or less than the average speed.
  • Altimeter - shows how high you have climbed so far.
  • Heart rate monitors - some advanced units come with a chest strap to display your heart rate while riding.

Quick Picks 

Quick Picks

Sigma Topline Cycle Computer :

This device includes functions such as current speed, a clock, trip distance, total distance and trip riding time.

Eurolight Cycle Computer :

The functions of this cycle computer include current speed, average speed, maximum speed, and a 12-hour clock time.

Bontrager Trip 2 Cycle Computer :

In addition to the regular features, this product also displays temperature and dual wheel size.

Quick Picks

Cateye Enduro 8 Cycle Computer :

This device is ideal for mountain bikes due to its heavy-duty wiring kit.

Garmin Edge GPS Cycle Computer :

This product features a GPS system providing ordnance survey and Navteq mapping, and a rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery.

Blackburn Neuro 4.0 Wireless Cycle Computer :

This cycle computer features a robust wireless 2.4 GHz data transmission system that provides interference-free speed and cadence.'

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