Cycling Components, Parts, and Gears Buying Guide

Bikes, like cars and motorcycles, have tons of intricate parts that needs to be fixed or replaced for maintenance.

Various Cycling Components and Parts

  • Axle is a rod which offers support to the bearings over which the cycle’s wheel rotates and also attaches the cycle’s wheel.
  • Bar ends are handlebar extensions which enable various hand positions.
  • End caps are plugs of handlebar ends.
  • Bearings lower friction and facilitate rotation. Common bearing types include sleeve, roller and ball.
  • Brakes are meant to stop the bicycle at the destination. Brake levers mounted over handlebars operate disc brakes and rim brakes while backward pedaling operates the coaster brakes.
  • Cable is mainly used for connecting controls like shifting levers and brakes.
  • Chain system is a interlinking of rollers, plates and pins which transmits front crank power to bicycle’s rear wheel.
  • Chain ring is one of the front gears attached to cranks.
  • Cone of the bicycle hold the bearings pressed against cup in place.
  • Crankset is made of chain rings and cranks.
  • Frame is the core of the bicycle and offers attachment points to different components of the cycle. 
  • Handlebar is a lever attached normally using intermediary stem to the fork’s steerer tube.  It enables steering and also offers an attachment point for accessories and controls.

Types and Uses of Bi-cycle Gears

You need to use low gear when going uphill or accelerating, use medium gears for maintaining constant speed while high gears are used for downwind and downhill runs. Derailleur gearsare most often seen in single-speed and multi-speed bicycles. The other types of gears are bevel gears, hub gears and planetary gears.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Raleigh Record cycle tyre :

The cycle tyre features a traditional thread pattern that is useful for cycling.   

Components Gears Rear Derailleurs Compton Cycles :

The rear derailleurs from the gear set can be utilized for folding cycles.    

Shimano Pedals cycle components :

The low maintenance bi-cycle pedal features a tough construction and great support aiding balance.   

Quick Picks

Raceface deus chain set cycle components :

Made of aluminium alloy the cycle chain set features a maximum strength to weight ratio.   

Easton riserbar cycle components :

Made of aluminium the rise bar provides for high fatigue strength. descriptiontext  

HPI Firestorm Spare Bevel Gears :

The spare set of bevel gears are ideal for off-Roaders from HPI.

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