Equestrian Western Saddles Buying Guide

The most important factor involved in in select an equestrian western saddle, or any time of saddle, is the fit. Saddles should fit the horse properly or else it would lead to sores on the horse and can result in dislike of getting ridden. The saddle should also be to the comfort of the rider to achieve optimal performance during riding or racing.

Basic Types of Equestrian Western Saddles

  • Generic Western Show Saddles have designs that are changed according to fashion trends frequently. Deep tooling and ornate patterns in leather are common. Often the skirts, horn, fork or pommel, stirrups and cantle are trimmed using silver. The horns are short than other western saddle types and the skirts are bigger showing leather and silver designs.
  • Roping saddles are designed to offer the rider with ultimate movement freedom. Riders should be capable for chasing, roping and dallying cows easily to the saddle horns. Hence the horns are taller and stronger and capable of withstanding the cow’s pressure. Wooden saddle trees with bull hide covering are heavy in weight and with a lower cantle that helps the riders to dismount easily.
  • Cutting Saddles enable riders single out one horse and also to steer it away from a bigger herd. The horns are thin and tall for easy grip. The wide and high swells help the rider to stay put even during quick turns.
  • Barrel racing saddles are designed in such a way that the rider achieves maximum manoeuvrability and ultimate speed. The horn is tall, thin and lighter when compared to others while the cantle and fork are placed high to help the rider stay in one place. Free swinging fenders enable proper positioning to stay balanced.
  • Reining saddles help riders to achieve some patterns like sliding stops, spins and circles. The fork and horn stay lower so that they do not interfere with reins, the shape of the seat and lower placement allows the riders to shift appropriately during sliding stops. The cut out of skirts allow close communication of the leg.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Colt Western Saddle and Bridle Set :

The saddle contains soft leather padded seat, silver coloured trim and leather detailing.descriptiontext

Handmade Leather Western Saddle Set :

The saddle set contains all the necessary accessories and fits Breyer traditional horse.descriptiontext

Treefree Western treeless saddle :

The saddle takes off the pressure from the horse’s back.

Quick Picks

Western Saddle Bridle &Saddle Pad Set :

 The western saddle features a suede seat with a cinch and stitching details.

Pasadena Adults Western Saddle :

The saddle is well suited for leisure time riding and to have fun.

Wintec Western Saddle :

The saddle is made of leather and is weather proof for all conditions.

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