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Yoga and pilates are low impact forms of fitness excerises. There are various kinds of yoga – Hatha yoga, Tantra yoga and Power yoga are some examples. Other kinds of yoga include prenatal yoga, yoga for the elderly and yoga for children. Pilates is a physical fitness system that improves your mental and physical well-being and overall flexibility.  Pilates is a great way of stretching to build up your core strength.

Clothing and Apparel

Pilates and yoga apparel should offer you maximum stretch and should absorb sweat and moisture. Stay away from dangling chains and bracelets. You can go for loose clothing or buy specially-designed yoga apparel. Do not wear restrictive clothing or clothing that is tight around the waist. Pilates requires clothing made from natural fabrics that are breathable. Go for tops with functional necklines. It’s a good idea to go for multiple layers as well in case you perspire a lot.  


If you are going beyond a basic and simple Pilates workout, then a Pilates mat will not be enough. There are five major pieces of equipment required in Pilates. They are the Pilates reformer, the pedipull or the modern Pilates resistance bands, the Pilates Cadillac, the Pilates barrel and the Pilates chair. 

The yoga mat is a thin mat placed on the floor during yoga sessions to cushion the body yet, be firm enough to support the various postures and asanas. There are various varieties available such as cotton mats, organic bamboo and cotton mats and in various sizes. The premium yoga mat is thicker and has a layer of cushioning. The Pilates mat is slightly thicker than a standard yoga mat.  

Yoga bolsters, yoga balls and foam blocks help attain the correct posture without much strain or difficulty. A convenient carry bag or tote is needed if you practise outside your home.  

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Reebok Eco Friendly Yoga Mat :

This versatile mat is good for Pilates too!  

Natural Rubber Tree Yoga Mat :

Get this eco-friendly yoga mat! 

Manuka Yoga Round Neck Top :

This is a loose-fitting, white top for yoga sessions. 

Quick Picks

Fitness Mad Yoga Om Bolster :

Support your asanas and postures with this yoga bolster. 

Fitness Mad Exer-Soft Ball :

Develop your strength and confidence with this soft, exercise ball. 

Reebok Deluxe Pilates Set :

This set consists of a gym ball and pump, two toning balls and two stretch bands. 

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