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Golf woods are a type of gold club used for driving the golf balls to a long distance down the fairway towards the hole. Golf club woods, generally referred as fairway woods have a large head and a long shaft made of graphite or steel. Though golf woods are made of different type of metals, they are still called as woods to denote their general shape and use.

Golf Club Woods Usage and Benefits

Golf clubs are classified according to numbers. Golf clubs numbered 1, are designed to hit the ball to a greatest distance with a long handle and lowest loft. The smaller the number, the ball hits the greater distance. Golf Clubs, fairway woods are numbered starting from 2 to go all the way up to number 15 traditionally. In modern golf, 3 and 5 are the most popular fairway woods used by young men. A 3-wood has a loft of 15 degrees and a 5-wood has a loft of 19 degrees and they can hit the ball on an average 210 yards and 190 yards respectively. 7-wood and 9-wood are common among ladies, male seniors and children.

Fairway woods golf clubs are easier to hit than the other golf clubs such as irons, wedges and putters. They have a bigger club head to hit your golf ball to a longer distance. They do not catch up with the grass and are less prone to twisting.===

Types of Fairway Woods Square Fairway Woods

They come with four critical sole quadrants to minimise contact with the ground during your shot. They are highly stable and provide enhanced grip and feel. Super fast Fairway Woods: They come with more aerodynamic head shape which lowers drag and increases speed to give 10 yards more distance than standard fairway woods. Movable Weight Fairway Woods: Fairway woods with movable weight technology give massive moment of inertia thereby ensuring amazing accuracy and faster swing speeds.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Bridgestone Golf Fairway Wood :

The fairway wood is made of stainless steel and contains elastomer compound inserts.  

Golf Club Gents Left Handed Wood :

The number 3 fairway woods is for men and specially designed for left handers.   

Skymax Golf Club Set :

The golf club set includes all the essential golf clubs required for playing a good game of golf.  

Quick Picks

MD Golf Super Strong Fairway Wood :

The fairway wood is durable and is used for a tee or a straight fairway line.   

Cobra Golf Fairway Wood S2 Offset :

The fairway wood is ideal for avid golfers who would need it for their best shot.   

Nickent Golf Fairway Wood :

The fairway wood is ideal has an ultra thin crown an dis light weight for convenient golfing.  

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