Running Training Aids Buying Guide

If you are fitness freak or an athlete, then you might realize the importance of owning the right tools to reap maximum results. A number of training aids help in running efficiently and in finding out your fitness quotient.

Types of Running Training Aids

  • Resistance Bands: Resistance bands are lightweight and portable and can be placed in your pocket but they are magical when it comes to fitness and training. They provide a complete body conditioning programme.
  • Respiratory Trainers: Respiratory trainers help runners to breathe deeper and to reduce breathlessness. These trainers are helpful in increasing your lung capacity and improving your oxygen intake. You can use these trainers during pre and post workout to stretch the muscles.
  • Body Composition Monitors: These monitors help runners in finding out their inner health and to display changes on overall health and fitness levels. They help to examine the user’s weight, body fat levels, body water levels, fat rating, bone mineral mass, muscle mass, physique rating, calorie intake and metabolic age. The readings can be taken on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to maintain a record.
  • Interval Timers and Stopwatches: Interval timers and stopwatches come in handy for runners during training. Auto mode helps in repeating through intervals. Alarm can be set in beep, vibration or both modes to indicate the completion of preset rounds. These devices are shock and water resistant.
  • Heart Rate Monitors: These units help in displaying and recording heart rate and other exercising data during running or exercising. An audible alarm alerts the user about crossing the heart rate target zones.
  • Running parachutes: Running parachutes provide the necessary resistance while running and help you gain speed and momentum at the race track.
  • Hurdles: Hurdles provide runners with the resistance while speed training and sometimes are even useful for runners crossing hurdles as in a triathlon. 

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Polar FS2 Running Watch :

The sporty-looking FS2 Polar heart rate monitor/watch helps to provide basic feedback during your exercise routine.

Running Parachute :

The running parachute requires the necessary resistance while running on the track.

Timex Bodylink Heart Rate Monitor :

This heart rate monitor system offers athletes and fitness enthusiasts innovative ability to track, analyse and store personal performance.

Quick Picks

Nathan Reflective Vest :

This deluxe reflective vestgive you safer workout during low light conditions.

Timex Digital Zone Trainer Heart Rate Monitor :

These sports watches are equipped with a full array of features that will optimise your work-out or day-to-day activities.

Yoga-Mad Resistance Band Kit :

This kit is small enough to fit in your pocket a really portable gym!

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