Hydration Packs Buying Guide

Hydration packs are popular among cyclists, military people, hikers, campers, mountaineers as they need to get hydrated from time to time to cope up with physical exertion due to various activities. Normally hydration packs are reservoirs of liquids that are carried and meant to be consumed without using hands as they have a hose which connects it to the reservoir.  The bite valve attached to the hose releases liquid when pressure is applied on it.  Hydration packs are available in various colours, styles, sizes, extra features and weight. Hydration packs are available as back packs, waist packs, hand held varieties and lumbar style packs with low center of gravity.  

Choosing Hydration Packs

You need choose the hydration packs that are made of materials that are light in weight yet durable. The volume or size of the hydration packs can be chosen according to individual drinking habits and the time duration outdoors. They need to have harnesses that can be adjusted easily to the waist and shoulder region and also need to be weather resistant as they are taken for various outdoor activities. You can also choose hydration packs with extra storage space designed for carrying mp3 players, cell phones and so on as they too might be required during camping or hiking activities. The zippers should be sturdy and the hydration packs that are selected should be easy to clean for maintaining good hygiene.

 If you choosing hydration pack for snow sports, care should be taken to choose them with tubes that are also insulated and that fits under your jackets perfectly.

Top Brands

  • Camelbak Products
  • Hydrapak
  • Ogio
  • Dakine
  • Blackhawk Systems

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Platypus Insulator Hydration Pack :

The hydration pack when attached to a pack or deck will remain intact without any water loss due to temperature changes.  

Pro Action Hydration Pack :

The hydration pack is made of polyester and contains zipper pockets and fasteners.   

Aqua Lumber Hydration Pack :

The hydration pack is a water bottle lumber pack useful when trekking, walking and running.

Quick Picks

Brita Aluna Summer Hydration Pack :

The pack contains 1.4 litre water capacity and water level indicators.   

Camelbak Mule Hydration Pack :

The hands free hydration pack is popular amidst mountain bikers and motocross riders.

Deuter Speedlite Hydration Pack :

The hydration pack is made from 3D Airmesh that reduces weight and increases breathability.

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