Tennis Balls Buying Guide

Tennis balls are yellow or greenish yellow in colour to provide superior overall visibility and can be used for day as well night games. These balls have the ability to bounce, controlled fibre release and natural rubber components for consistent feel and for reducing shock. The diameter of the ball must be within the range of 2 ½ - 2 5/8 inches or 6.35 - 6.67 cm. The ideal weight of the ball is more than 56.7g and less than 58.5 g.


  • Regular Duty Tennis Balls: Regular duty tennis balls are mainly used on indoor and clay courts.  
  • Extra Duty Tennis Balls: Extra duty tennis balls are ideal for grass courts and tennis courts. 
  • High Altitude Tennis Balls: High altitude tennis balls are used in places, which are 4,000 feet or more above sea level. These balls are crafted with different pressure features. 


There are different types of tennis balls for games of varying speed.   

  • Slow: It has a larger diameter but the same weight. This is ideal for players who need extra time to hit the ball.  
  • Medium: This is the most common type of ball. It is suitable for all situations.  
  • Fast: They are rarely used.  
  • High altitude: It is designed for better control in the less dense air which occurs at locations that are 4000 feet and above.

Playing Surfaces

Tennis balls have a fibrous felt covering for better flight properties.The felt covering is designed for specific court surfaces. 

  • Regular duty: Such balls are ideal for clay and most indoor courts.  
  • Extra duty: Such balls are primarily made for hard courts.  
  • Grass court felt: Such balls have regular duty felt, but treated to resist stains.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Head Radical Murray Tennis Balls :

This pack comes with 12 tennis balls.  

Slazenger Ultra Vis Tube 

 This set of 4 tennis balls has premium woven balls for durability.

Wilson Championship Tennis Balls :

These duraweave felt tennis balls are not too fluffy. 

Quick Picks

Rosewood Tennis Ball :

Keep your pet fit and healthy with these pet tennis balls.

3 Pack Tennis Balls 

These yellow tennis balls provide hours of sporting fun.

Babolat Team Tennis Balls :

These balls are a fusion of high performance and durability.

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