Tennis Racquets Buying Guide

Whether you are a keen beginner or an advanced tennis player, you need to purchase a tennis racquet that suits your ability as well as your playing style.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Racquet

Racquet Material: Racquets are made from a number of composite materials. Choose the racket frame that is graphite composite for maximum durability and reliability.

String Pattern: Tennis racquets are available with open and dense string patterns. An open string pattern comes with more space between the strings thereby allowing you to put more spin on the ball, whereas, a dense string pattern gives you less spin.

Head Shape and Size: With a larger head size, you can easily aim a swipe at the ball, but you’ll have less control. On the other side, mid-size and small-size racquets possess excellent power and control.

Racquet Weight: Choose a racquet that is relatively lightweight so that they can easily swing. Lightweight racquets benefit you with comfortable gripping. A good average weight for a racquet is 10 ounces.

Stiffness and Flexibility: Stiff racquets are more powerful as they bend and torque less. They provide more consistent result due to their reduced flex. Flexible racquets produce less shock and are more comfortable for playing. They help in completely eliminating tennis elbow problems.

Balance: Racquets with a heavy head ensure more power but less manoeuvrability. Light head racquets are easy to use but require more power. Evenly balanced racquet frames offer a blend of power and manoeuvrability at the net. 

Grip Size: Grip is nothing but the tennis racket handle. Tennis racquets with smaller grip ensures outstanding performance. Work out your grip by measuring the distance from the tip of your ring finger to the furthest main vertical crease of your palm.

Popular Brands

Wilson and Prince are the most popular brands that make up to 90% of entire world market.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Slazenger Classic Twenty 7 Tennis Racquet :

This provides maximum strength.

Grays Fuzion Tennis racquet :

This racquet with quality construction has a fashionable design.

Wilson US Open Mini Tennis racquets :

This is a mini racquet in yellow colour!

Quick Picks

Slazenger JX Junior :

This racquet is great for kids learning the game.

Wilson K Six-One Team Tennis Racquet :

This racquet offers extreme comfort and great feel.

Slazenger Quad Flex :

This range is designed for advanced and intermediate players.

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