Stand Mixers Buying Guide

Stand mixers are a handy tool that can be used in the kitchen and contain more power than hand mixers. They contain beaters attached to a large apparatus that leaves room for a steel mixing bowl that locks in place during blending. Stand mixers can be useful time savers, as they allow you to do other things while it is mixing. Not everyone needs a heavy duty  mixer, but if you are a serious baker or mashed potato eater, it is the best machine on the market for you.



* '''Bowl Size''' ** Bowls come in different sizes, ranging from 4-7 quarts. ** For extra convenience, opt for a model in which the bowls have handles. * '''Mixing Attachments''' ** Depending on your baking and cooking needs, you may prefer to have more options when it comes to add-on attachments. ** Dough hooks, wire whisks, and blending rods are just some of the options that will typically come with a mixer. These machines can also sometimes be used as a citrus juicer, ice cream maker, or even food grinder. ** Look for attachments that are non-stick or stainless steel for easy cleaning. * '''Power''' ** The wattage of a stand mixer is more important when it comes to speed than the number of speed settings, so when comparing models, look at watt capacity. ** Typical power ranges from 300-900 watts. * '''Speeds''' ** 3-15 speed models are available. ** Remember that a model with 15 speeds isn't necessarily faster than a model with 14 speeds. More options just allow for smoother transitions between speeds. * '''Warranty''' ** The longer the warranty, the better the chances are that the mixer will last. * '''Weight''' ** The heavier the stand mixer, the less chance of it moving during operation.

Major Manufacturers

* DeLonghi * Hamilton Beach * Jenn Air * KitchenAid * Sunbeam * West Bend

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