Stocking Stuffers Buying Guide

One of the greatest traditions of Christmas morning is running to the mantel to find your stocking bulging with little goodies from Santa. As an adult, shopping for stocking stuffers is just as fun. This guide will lead you through finding tons of tiny treasures with which to stuff your stockings to the brim. Just remember that the sky is the limit!

Quick Hints

Ideas for Everyone

Some items work well whether you're big or small. Ideally, every stocking has a good mix of items that are practical like gloves or a keychain; tasty treats, fun stuff like small toys; or stuff for hobbies like film or craft supplies. You can also throw in CDs or a DVD. Some suggestions include:

Kids' Stockings

The ideas below are for kids only! Feel free to add a few of these to the stockings of the young at heart too! Just remember to save all the really cool stuff for under the tree.


The best gifts are something she needs. When you are shopping for your favorite gal, here are some ladylike gifts that will fit perfectly in her stocking.


Spare him socks and ties and other strangely disappointing gifts; stockings are the place to hide the fun stuff! Get him something he'd never buy for himself.

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