Stocking Stuffers Buying Guide

Ready to stuff your stockings  with lots of Christmas cheer but are short on good ideas (besides the usual Christmas orange and a lump of coal)? Whether you're looking for expensive knick knacks or hoping not to break your wallet, there truly are stocking stuffers for everyone. We'll show you some traditional stocking stuffers, along with a few less common ideas. Remember, be creative! Nobody likes receiving a miniature flash-light two years in a row.

Quick Hints

  • Don't disregard your budget! Christmas shopping is expensive, but that doesn't mean you have to overspend, especially when it comes to the small gifts. Calculate how many stockings you have to fill and how much you can afford on each one so that it fits into your overall Christmas gift buying budget.
  • Don't wait until the last minute! This sounds obvious but let's face it, stuffing those mantle-piece decorations is the kind of finishing touch a lot of people forget. Conduct your stocking shopping as you would your regular shopping, picking up little trinkets as you come across them.
  • Keep things small. No gift should be larger than six to eight inches.
  • Most--if not all--gifts should be wrapped, except perhaps gifts that will stick up out the top of the stocking, such as a candy cane , or tiny teddy bear .
  • Small fillers like bubble gum  or chocolate coins  are good to use when coupled with bigger items.
  • Choose both fun and practical stuffers and maybe something that really stands out as the crème de la crème.
  • Make sure that you stick to age appropriate gifts.

For Everyone

Your mum, your little brother, and your favourite auntie can all enjoy some of the trinkets below. And if else fails, you can also include a gift card  or two in the stocking as well.

Holiday Chocolates 

Make this Christmas the sweetest ever! If the recipient isn't partial to the super-sugary treats, try a richer dark chocolate.

DVDs and CDs 

Add some entertainment to any stocking! A fun film or a mix CD make for a personal, thoughtful gift.

Gloves  or Mittens 

January is coming, so prepare for more snow days! Everyone loses a mitten, so it's good to have spares.

Holiday Candle 

Winter is the perfect time to bring out those yummy-smelling candles. Make the night festive or fill a room with scents of gingerbread or vanilla.


Perfect for those who want to play with their gadget-gifts right away.

For Kids

Most children will be getting a big haul under the tree later in the day, so let them enjoy a few little gifts  before breakfast with these stocking fillers.

Silly Putty 

Prepare for hours of fun and plenty of elbow grease trying to get it out of the carpet.

Magic 8 Ball 

It'll answer all your most pressing questions. Or keep you asking again later.

MP3 Player 

Tune out and relax after the holidays. Be sure to keep them light and easy to use; save the high tech gadgets for the big kids.

PSP  or Nintendo DS Skins 

Kids will love to spruce up their favourite portable game. You can use these to stave off having to get them a new system .

Magic Tricks 

Your child will become a regular magician for the day... at least until the cards and other little pieces get lost.

For Women

The ladies in your life will really appreciate these gifts, which are both useful and thoughtful. A good book, a classic film  or even a new scarf can really add to their holiday spirit.

Snow Globe 

Perfect for placing near windows. Now your loved one will always be able to see a winter wonderland.


Now they can enjoy a Christmas that smells like the days of yore with the aid of incense.


Ladies will love some lip colour  or eye shadow  in the season's trendy colours. You can also give her new makeup brushes .

Wine Opener 

Encourage them to open up that bottle of wine without any manly help. Cute stoppers  are another option for wine-lovers.

Bath Salts 

A gift that's guaranteed to soothe frazzled nerves and refresh dry winter skin.

For Men

Once again it's important to strike a balance between economical and whimsical. Try to mix up the filler; a fancy new pen , some much needed socks, or a gift card wouldn't be out of place in a male friend or family member's stocking.

Shot Glasses 

Knock a few back with the guys with stylish shot glasses.

Cuff Links 

Hide a pair of fancy cuff links in his stocking! Or a garish  pair for a few laughs.

Golf Balls 

The golfer in your family can never run out of extra golf balls!


Often the gift he'd never think to buy himself. Some men owe their entire collection to stocking stuffers.

Hot Sauce 

For the spicy guy in your life. A set of gourmet hot sauces will add a little pepper to his life.

For the Tech-Savvy

These are actually big gifts, but it's fun to hide them in their stockings under all the sweets, where they'll least expect them.

iPhone 4 

Perfect for the Apple-loving tech guru in your family.

GPS Navigation 

Find your way back home with a GPS navigator!

Digital Camera 

Now you can take tons of photos by the Christmas tree!

Electronic Translator 

Perfect for the language savvy person in your family, or for holidays in foreign countries.

iPod Nano 

Any teenager or adult will love listening to their favourite tunes on this bite sized player.

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