Stocking a Bar for Your Wedding

If you are planning to set up your own open beer

How Much Is Enough?

Below is a rough estimate of the things you'll need for a 100-person wedding.  Remember to adjust this list if you have to. If you know that the guys are all wine. * '''Champagne''': One and a half champagne. * '''Red wine''': Twelve to 48 bottles or one to four cases of red wine. * '''White wine''': 48 to 72 bottles or four to six cases of white wine. * '''Beer''': Two cases minimum, but you may want to have up to four or five cases if your pals love brewskies. Be sure though to vary the selection according to people's tastes. Offer stout could do wonders in a winter wonderland wedding. * '''Vodka''': Six liters. * '''Gin''': Two liters. * '''Rum''': Two liters. * '''Tequila''': One liter. * '''Whiskey''': One to two liters. * '''Scotch''': Two liters. * '''Bourbon''': One to two liters. * '''Dry vermouth''': Two bottles. * '''Sweet vermouth''': Two bottles. Keep in mind that this is but an introduction to stocking the bar. You may also want to pick up a Bar Accessories In order to prepare drinks, you'll also need a bar stocked with a variety of supplies.

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