Stockpots Buying Guide

Stockpots are versatile kitchen utensil used for cooking various dishes including stews, soups, corn, spaghetti sauce and many more. They are available in various sizes, materials and shapes that their choice depends on your needs. 

Materials and Designs

  • Aluminium stockpots are lightweight, very affordable, suitable for casual cooking but not ideal for serious gourmets. They are chemically reactive to certain food items like tomatoes, citrus fruits and vegetables, vinegar and beer.
  • Stainless steel stockpots with copper or aluminium bottom are good for cooking as stock is cooked for a longer period of time.
  • Dutch ovens or cast iron stockpots come with thick sides and bottom and offer homogenous heating but can break easily and can be quite heavy.
  • Non-stick stockpots are mainly used by modern cooks who are conscious about oil use. These stockpots are easy to clean, energy efficient, seals the healthy flavour of food properly, aids in uniform heating and quick heat transfer.

What to Look in Stockpots?

  • Stockpots with heavy bottom will be a good choice as they prevent the food from getting burnt. 
  • Stockpots normally have rounder base, a cover and deep sides that are straight. You can also choose a shorter and wider one for cooking soups.
  • A well constructed stockpot with sturdy handle can make using them secure while transferring hot dishes. Hence, it is good to choose handles which are securely riveted or screwed to stockpots.

Top Selling Brands

  • Stellar 
  • Alessi 
  • Demeyere 
  • Circulon

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Go Cook Stockpot :

It has a complete durable construction and riveted handles for extra strength.  

Triply Stockpot :

With stay cool handles and steam vent lid, the stockpot is known for its durability. 

Meyer Select Advantage Stockpot :

This stockpot is made of triple layer non-stick interior and stainless steel handle with soft touch inserts.  

Quick Picks

Cookworks Stockpot :

This freezer safe stock pot is ideal to use on gas, electric, ceramic, and halogen hobs. 

Circulon "steel elite" Stockpot :

This oven safe stockpot is good for large family gathering. 

Sabichi Stockpot :

Its encapsulated base allows for even heat distribution without any chances of burning the food.  

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