Buying Guide for Stretching and Core Health Fitness and Exercise

Stretching  before any type of exercise helps maintain balance and flexibility. Increasing core strength  would help your abdomen, lower back and pelvis. You will get relief from backaches and your upper body and lower body movements get strengthened.

Stretching and Core Health Fitness and Exercise Products

Yoga Mat: Yoga mats  are used for yoga and stretching exercises for core health and fitness. It sticks to the floor and offers brilliant cushioning and is washable in machines. Always keep in mind that you check the length of the yoga mat while buying. A 6ft yoga mat  is the ideal length. Also make sure the yoga mat or your Pilates mat  is not too thick as this may create problems while trying to maintain a balance during postures.  

Foam Roller: This is extensively used for Pilates , fitness, yoga  and physiotherapy .Foam Rollers  are ideal for improving balance core strength as well as flexibility. While buying a foam roller make sure the density of the foam is proper for maximum benefit.  

Swiss Ball: Swiss balls  come in various sizes to suit all body sizes. A Swiss ball is excellent for Pilates, yoga and fit ball  exercises. Make sure you buy a ball according to your height to derive maximum benefit and comfort.  

Jump ropes ,Portable back stretchers ,leg stretching machines  and stretching chairs  are other stretching equipments in use. 

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Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Pilates-Mad Core-Fitness Mat :

The space saving Pilates mat is portable as it weighs only one kg.

Fitter First Classic Foam Roller :

The foam roller improves balance, flexibility and strength.

Swiss Exercise Balls Anti-Burst :

The anti-burst Swiss exercise ball is 55cms and includes a free pump.

Quick Picks

Back Stretcher :

The back stretcher is adjustable, lightweight and portable and is used for the treatment and prevention of back pain.

Physio Fit Exercise Ball Pearl :

The 75 cms fitness ball keeps your fitness levels high and gives core strength.

Century Versaflex Leg Stretching Machine :

The stretching machine is made of durable steel and provides maximum stretch within minimum time.

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