So you want some surreal surround sound? Better think about getting a subwoofer to enhance your stereo system. A subwoofer provides that deep bass thump when you play music and the seat shaking rumble during an action film. Whether for your car or for your home entertainment system, "subs" will greatly improve the richness and fullness of sound quality and surround sound. The only question is, how do you choose the bass unit that is right for you?

Home Subwoofer Basics

* You will want a different size and number of subwoofers depending on your musical tastes and needs. One rule of thumb though, subwoofers increase in power the bigger they get. * Power comes at a price: sound quality usually suffers slightly as the bass gets deeper and more resonant. For crystal clear sound in your living room, depending on its size, you will want to find a smaller subwoofer for two reasons: ** Nobody wants to look at a bunch of speakers and subwoofers. ** If you don't want to compromise quality for deep bass, multiple subwoofers can be purchased to improve it without distorting sound. * Advances in technology have made it possible for all home audio subwoofers to come with integrated amplifiers, so there is no need to go and buy separate one. There are hundreds of subwoofers to choose from since most major electronics manufacturers produce them. Here are a few suggestions for home audio: Polk Audio PSW350, Sunfire True Subwoofer Junior and Original, and Klipsch RSW-10. === Home Theater Bundles=== For those of you who want surround sound but without the hassle or the high costs of buying individual components (such as buying a separate AV receiver, speakers, subs, and an amp), you may want to opt for a home theater in a box. While not as great for producing high-quality surround sound, it is much more convenient for the those who don't know much about which components to choose, and if you already have a TV or CD/DVD player, it's easy to improve the sound greatly by adding a home theater system. For more information on buying a "Home Theater in-a box", click here. You may want to check out these reputable companies with well rated systems: Onkyo HT-S780, Bose Cinemate, and Sony HT DDW670.

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