Surge Protectors Buying Guide

As our lives get more and more technology-oriented, certain measures have to be in place to protect your equipment and the valuable information stored within.  This is where surge protectors  come in.  A surge protector, aside from allowing you to plug many appliances into one outlet, keeps these items safe should there be a surge in power.  A power surge is also known as transient voltage, and indicates an increase in voltage significantly higher than the designated level (220 volts in the UK) in a flow of electricity.  If a surge or a spike (a voltage fluctuation that lasts for a shorter period than a surge: 1-2 nanoseconds rather than 3 or more) in power occurs and is high enough, computers and other electronics can be destroyed or at the very least, more easily worn down with time.

Different Options

To maximize the life of your electronics, you have a number of different options at a variety of price points.


A surge protector costing £10 or less  will offer minimal protection, but it is not really recommended that these be used with more expensive items.


A slightly pricier model will not only offer you more peace of mind, but might also feature some bells and whistles: better ratings, light indicators, etc.


Surge stations  are definitely going to cost you more money; however, these are really worth it if you have frequent problems with unstable voltage.

Uninterruptible Power Supply 

This baby can cost you upwards of 120 quid.  It is similar to a generator and will supply power even after it is lost, so have no fear of losing important files.

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