TV Combos Buying Guide


Two is better than one in almost all instances, so why should your TV be any different?!  With a combination DVD player  or VCR  (for the nostalgic) built into your television , you can save space and money! 

What to Look For

  • Quality:  Look for a reputable combo that will last.  Remember that if one part of it breaks, the whole thing is shot.  This is the down-side of combination TVs.  
  • Multiple Disc Formatting:  You may want to play all kinds of media, yet certain players can be restrictive.  Look for ones that can accommodate DVD-R ,DVD-RW , and DVD-RAM  as well as CD-R  and CD-RW .  Keep in mind that the greater the variety of files that your television will support, the more it is going to cost. 
  • A/V Input and Output:  If you have a home theatre system  that you are planning to connect to your TV, you will want to have easy access to audio/video outputs .  Look for a connection on the front of the TV.
  • Special Features:  Look for a built-in progressive scan DVD player , as this will give your DVDs a much better image quality.  You will also want to see if your chosen TV is HD-ready  for that better picture.   
  • Brand:  Some prefer one brand to another.  Popular choices for combination televisions include Avtex ,Daewoo ,LG ,Philips ,Polaroid , and Toshiba .  For kids, Disney  even makes cutely designed TV/DVD combos.
  • Size:  If you want the combo unit, chances are you looking to save some space.  Combo TVs come in a variety of sizes, and surely you can find one that works for your needs.  You can find a combo TVs that come in 14 inch ,15 inch ,19 inch , or 22 inch  sizes. 


TV/DVD Combo 


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