Table and Counter Organisation

Having an organised kitchen and dining room (or breakfast nook, if you're so inclined) makes the cooking and eating experience just that much more pleasant.  No fussing around trying to see if you remembered to buy napkins at the market, no unfathomable junk drawers to deal with, no rogue knives laying about, poised to strike...just cleanliness and efficiency in utopian proportions.  Close your eyes--can you imagine it?

Kitchen Essentials

Knife Storage

Storing your knives in a block or drawer keeps them orderly, sharper, and out of harm's way.


Though modern breads have preservatives, a breabox is still attractive and useful.

Cookbook Holders 

 Because it's too uncomfortable to bend over to read a book laying flat on the counter.

Recipe Boxes 

Create a system for recipe storage, and you'll save yourself lots of time in the long run.

Paper Towel Holders 

 If you don't already have a built in paper towel holder, one of these is just a necessity.

Spoon Rests 

An simple way to keep your stove and countertops clean while you cook.

Kitchen Utensil Holders 

Running out of drawer space?  It might be time to bring in the baskets.

Hanging Baskets 

 Let your fruits ripen naturally, and in an aesthetically-pleasing way.

Banana Hangers 

Bananas just don't last as long when they're left to lay flat on a surface.

Dining Room Essentials

Utensil Organisers

Salt and Pepper Shakers 

Pepper Mills

Lazy Susan 


Butter  and Condiment Dishes 

Sugar Bowls  and Dispensers 

Napkin Holders 

Cutlery Caddies 

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