Tablecloths Buying Guide

Tablecloths are not only used for dressing up the tables during special events or occasions but are also used for protecting them from food messes and spills. They could be used both outdoors and indoors using fabric or vinyl materials. Tablecloths are capable of transforming a boring and plain looking table into a well dressed and appealing one.

 Tablecloth Materials

  • Cotton: Tablecloths made out of cotton look very formal but require frequent washing and ironing.
  • Linen: These tablecloths are also natural and look formal just like cotton. These too need to be ironed for maintaining a crisp look.
  • Vinyl tablecloths are most often used in restaurants, hotels and tables kept outdoors as they are easy to clean without removing them. They do not fade even when exposed to harsh sunlight and are also very affordable. These tablecloths are sometimes used under the linen tablecloth to prevent any liquids or water seeping inside the table.
  • Polyester: These tablecloths are easy to maintain; are versatile and require no ironing.
  • Lace tablecloth are decorative pieces of art that is less commonly seen in modern times. They can be used on solid colored tables for adding more texture and depth.

Tablecloths are available in four variants to suit table shapes rectangular, round, oval and square. They are available in various patterns including stripes, flowers, birthday cakes, Christmas tree and so on that they can be chosen according to the day or event.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Non-Iron Plain Large Tablecloth :

It is made of easycare cotton and is a stylish and practical addition.

Pink Polka Tablecloth :

Made of 100% cotton with polyvinylchloride wipe clean coating, the tablecloth has polka dots for the exotic look.

Chamonix' Tablecloth and Napkin Set :

The set also includes coordinating curtains, valence, seat cushions and roller blinds.

Quick Picks

Blue stripe tablecloth :

This will add a touch of character and some protection to your dining table.

Multi stripe tablecloth :

A very bright and cheery table cloth that is great for everything from indoor dinner parties to outdoor BBQs.

Wipe Clean Tablecloth :

It's great for parties but tough enough for everyday.

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