Tableware Buying Guide


For those of us who may believe what is on our plate is more important than the plate itself, you might be surprised to know that that is not true. There have been many studies done on the psychology of eating, and interestingly enough, what we put our food on is just as important as our food.  So when you think those oh-so-convenient paper plates are better than buying real grown up plates, think again.  It is now time to think about which plate will look best with your décor.

Ceramic Tableware

Bone China  was created in England in the 18th century to compete with the Chinese porcelain markets.  Its characteristic white colour, translucency and likeness to Chinese porcelain makes it an appealing and cost efficient choice. It comes in many styles and patterns.

Earthenware  is a combination of clays, which can be moulded into pieces which are thick or can be as thin as bone china. It is cost efficient, but not as tough and water resistant as other ceramics. If it is not glazed, earthenware can absorb water, which makes cleaning it more difficult.

Porcelain  can come in many shapes and sizes and a wide range of prices. Due to its durability and clean look, many people find it to be a worth while investment. While some porcelain dishes can be quite cost efficient, luxury porcelain is expensive and takes quite a bit of time to care for.

Stoneware  is one of the toughest ceramics. It is made out of a combination of various clays and often looks unrefined. Although it is more waterproof than Earthenware, it still needs to be glazed to prevent it from absorbing liquids.  Its earthy colours make it a good choice for the well grounded.

Additional Tableware

Wooden  dishes are most often found in the form of salad bowls. Their organic style makes the table look warm and inviting. They are often stained to prevent liquids from being absorbed into the wood. They should not be washed in the washing machine, and should also be towel dried to get excess water off.

Glass  tableware can come in two styles: contemporary and cut glass. Cut glass often has a antique aesthetic even if the dish was made yesterday. The beautiful designs are luxurious. Contemporary glass designs can but fun and colourful on the table without sacrificing function. They come in many styles and are easy to clean.

Outdoor  plastic tableware is certainly designed for function, although it is becoming increasingly easier to find fun and function together. These dishes are certainly not made to last forever, so keep in mind not to spend a lot when buying a set. We can now eat a picnic without sacrificing beautiful designs. What a treat!

Luxury  tableware is the crème de la crème of tableware. It is expensive, luxurious, flawlessly designed and did we say expensive? Luxury tableware, which includes Chinese porcelain, is an investment. While it may seem that it is necessary for dinner parties, it is much easier and cost efficient to buy high end tableware than to go for the luxury brands.

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