Theme Gardens Buying Guide

Themed outdoor gardens offer an elegant option to give any backyard a burst of floral beauty.  Many gardens rely on eye-pleasing combinations--whether they be bold or subtle--united around a single shade or idea.  Set your heart on a particular idea and experiment with different flowers, herbs, and plants to make it happen! 

Garden Colours

The use of one colour or a group of related tones allows the gardener to emphasise the texture and scale of different plants, creating some very artistic effects. 

  • Cool Colour Gardens:  Transform your garden space into a soothing retreat with naturally relaxing hues of blue, purple, and pink (think staggering clusters of forget me nots ,tulips , and pink dahlias , respectively).
  • Warm Colour Gardens:  Incorporate the hues of autumn all year round by planting shrubs and flowers in golden and fiery shades. (Examples of these colour incorporations include azaleas ,yellow tulips , and marigolds .)
  • Monochrome Gardens:  If you have a favourite colour in mind, this garden theme is for you.  Work with different blooms in the same shades to really make their individuality stand out. 

Fun Themes

If you are looking to really experiment with your backyard or garden space, try incorporating one of these themes into your outdoor décor.  It will truly bring something special to your home.  

Moon Garden

A moon garden is simply a garden designed to "shine" at night.  Many flowering plants have blossoms that open early in the morning, attract pollinators, serve their purpose of helping to preserve their species genetics, and then wither.  However, there are flowers that open their blossoms late in the afternoon and use pale colours and strong scents to attract night flying pollinators.  Along with these evening bloomers, white flowers  and plants with pale leaves  reflect the moon--as well as other sources of light--to create a luminescent, glowing effect that any night-lover will enjoy. 

Flowers to Use:

ABC Garden

An ABC Garden is an easy, long-row garden best for both the super-organized and amateur gardeners.  Don't feel limited to flowers: feel free to select vegetables and herbs to coordinate with each letter of the alphabet and plant them side by side.  This is a perfect way to structure your garden if you're getting your kids involved; just pick up a children's gardening kit  and they will be on their way!  Make wooden signs with large painted letters on them and place each sign near its coordinating plant to help children identify the components of their garden. 

For Example:

Rainbow Garden

Can't make up your mind?  This garden incorporates all kinds of flowers in all kinds of colours.  By selecting certain types, you will be able to coordinate the textures and styles together in a flawless manner.  Plant these seeds and watch your garden flourish into a bright and uplifting retreat.

Flowers to Use:

Patriotic Garden

Some folks like to show off their pride for their country be incorporating patriotic colours into their garden.  Patriotic gardens are popular and pretty along a garden walkway, next to a mailbox , or in a garden window.  Mix all of the flowers together for a beautiful showcase of red, white, and blue or sow them in rows if you wish.   

Flowers to Use:

Japanese Tea Garden

Japanese tea gardens are usually filled with a few consistent components.  Necessary to include in this theme are ornamental trees , a few shrubs and plants, and at least one water element.  Keep in mind that traditional tea gardens were kept deliberately woodsy and rustic to demonstrate the transition between the outer world of the marketplace to the tranquil world of nature.  Flowering plants would not be used; instead, visitors would find the retreat of the woods through ferns and moss.  Simplicity is the key word here, so don't overwhelm the sense, visually. 

Components to Include:

Shakespeare Garden

Having a Shakespeare garden is a classic theme incorporated by literature lovers and gardeners everywhere.  This garden cultivates flowers and plants mentioned in the works of the great William Shakespeare , usually in a geometric layout with boxwood dividers.  Since the Bard references flowers in practically every play and sonnet, there are a lot out of options out there to choose from.  If you're really ambitious, place signs referencing the Shakespeare quotes  near the plants and decorate your garden area with walkways and romantic garden benches .

Popular Flowers to Use:

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly gardens seek to captivate and nurture butterflies by using plants and flowers that attract the delicate creatures. Find out what butterflies are found in your area and then choose the appropriate host plants, which are plants that butterflies find favourable and are more likely to stay for long periods and lay eggs on. Your host plants will get a lot of nibbling from butterflies and caterpillars. This is what you want so don't use pesticides on your garden.

Popular Flowers to Use:

Victorian Garden

Gardening may have taken place for thousands of years, but it is during the Victorian era that it flourished. Victorian Gardens capture the grace and elegance so often found during that time. The gardens contained more than just plants, as sculptures, fountains, lakes, ponds, and cast iron benches  were commonplace.

Flowers to Use:

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