Tights Buying Guide

Tights  can give a finishing touch to your elegant evening attire or your party dress. Tights provide warmth when you wear it with your sweater and skirt. Tights are not only functional but also sculpt the appearance of your legs to a desired shape.   

Materials of Tights

Tights are made out of polyamide  thread.  Good quality tights are made out of well processed polyamide threads.  Other materials that are used in the making of tights include Lycra ,wool ,cotton  and acrylic .  Lycra is a type of rubber which is responsible for the stretch and flexibility of the fabric and helps in deformation.   

Types of Tights

  • Textured Tights : They are similar to sheer panty hose  but much thicker that prevent tears. Textured tights with vertical lines will make your legs look longer and thinner. 
  • Opaque tights  are the trend for College students of today. They are commonly sported by models of the fashion world while walking the ramp.  
  • Fishnet Tights : They are netted types and the tights give you a retro look of the fifties.  
  • Suspender Tights : Suspender tights improve the look of your legs by a considerably slimmer look.  
  • Wet Look Tights : Made of PVC, the thick tights give you a wet look style. 
  • Running Tights : They are comfortable for running as they don’t chaff and are light weight. They are used by men as well. 
  • Capri Tights : They are three fourth models that are just right for athletes. 

Brands of Tights

Quick Picks


Nike Women’s Dri-Fit Thermal Tights :

The Dri-Fit construction gives moisture management. The compression garment also protects muscles.

Aristoc Cotton Textured Cable Opaque Tights :

 The opaque tights feature a cable knit design and a reinforced waistband with a textured finish. 

Gipsy Wet Look Footless Tights :

 The wet look tights are ideal to be worn with your shorts and contain reinforced seams. 


Adidas Womens ClimaLite Capri Tight Black :

The tight fitted tight provides comfort and performance during power workouts. 

Pearl Black Tights :

The classic opaque features a hand embroidered element.  

Jonathan Aston Sweet Roses Lace Tights :

The tights feature a black rose pattern and black seam that looks attractive.  

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