Tire Basics

Some General Info Before You Start Shopping:

Performance Ratings or 'Speed' Ratings: determined by the tire's maximum sustainable speed

! * S and T are the longvans and passenger cars. * H, V, and Z are high performance and ultra high performance tires. * H rated tires are starting to be standard on many cars. ** BMW, Volkswagon, GM, and Chrysler use high-performance Goodyear Eagle as their standard tire.

How Much Performance Do You Want?

Standard Tires (S and T rated) ! High and Ultra High Performance Tires You don't need to own a high-performance tire, if it doesn't suit your needs. T and S rated tires are significantly cheaper, have a longer tread life and warranty, and a better quality ride. Now that you understand speed rating, there are still a few more things to consider... !

But, I Want It All

Something Entirely Different

Self Sealing Tires Self Supporting Tires

Tire Size

* Make sure to match new tire specifications to those of your existing tire. * You'll need a tire that fits your existing wheels and has the same or greater load rating for your vehicle. * Be cautious when considering the latest trend, "plus-size" tires and wheels, which means larger sized wheels and shorter, wider tires than car really requires. * You can find out what size tires are right for your vehicle by consulting your owner's manual. * You can also look at your current tires for a sizing reference: ** The ratio is the width in mm over the percentage of that width that makes up the profile (distance between rim and outer edge), so a tire with a size of 215/60 16 is 215mm wide, 129mm (60% of 215) from the ground to the rim, and is intended for a 16-inch wheel.

Major Manufacturers

* Avon tires * BF Goodrich tires * Bridgestone tires * Continental tires * Dunlop tires * Fuzio tires * General tires * Goodyear tires * Hoosier tires * Kumho tires * Michelin tires * Pirelli tires * Sumitomo tires * Uniroyal tires * Yokohama tires

International Resources

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