Choosing a Toaster

To pop or not to pop? That is the question when deciding whether to buy a pop-up toaster  or an oven-toaster .

Really, the answer to this question comes down to whether or not you want to just toast sliced bread or if you have loftier ambitions of Welsh rabbit or just fresh garlic bread. If square slices and toaster pastries are all you plan on toasting, the obvious and less expensive choice is the standard pop-up toaster.

Toaster Types

Usually these come in plastic or metal and they can fit from 2 to 6 slices. Available in basic finishes like white and chrome, or in more colourful options.

Heavy-duty die-cast aluminium pro toasters can weigh a lot and cost a lot, but they will make beautiful toast.

The alternative to the standard toaster for baking, cooking and toasting.

Useful Features

  • Slots -- two slot toasters save space, but four or six slots save time, especially in a large household.
    • Slots up to 25 cm deep for toasting all types of bread, even baguettes.
    • A bread lift is essential and usually standard. It's what pushes the toast up out of the toaster.
    • Bagel setting allows you to toast only one side of the bagel.
  • Adjustable Temperature -- Temperature settings should range from defrost to high to get a variety of toasting speeds and intensities.
  • Cleaning -- A sliding crumb tray is an easy way to keep the countertop crumb free.
  • Extras
    • A cord wrap will keep an unruly cord under wraps.
    • Automatic shut-off is a UL standard required safety feature.
    • A warming rack or basket lets you head up irregularly-shaped foods that don't fit in the toaster.

If you consider yourself a toast connoisseur, avoid toaster ovens. They will only disappoint, and they will never make a good slice of toast. Passable, yes, but never good.

One word of advice: always unplug the toaster before attempting to pry anything out. Death by toaster leaves a questionable legacy at best.

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