Toning Equipment Buying Guide

Eating good food and exercising everyday can keep you active and free from lethargy.


  • Abdominal bench : Upper and lower abdominal muscles are worked out with the use of abdominal bench .
  • Bars are held perpendicular to body and wrists are curled up and down for use.
  • Electric toners : The effectiveness of these machines are questionable and not always fully supported by the medical or scientific community. However, some users find these machines as a good supplement to their daily workouts.


Quick Picks

Quick Picks

OB Active Equipment Pilates Bar :

Designed with two pieces, these one body active equipment pilates bar include resistance bands for total body toning.

Slendertone Flex Bottom and Thigh Toning Systems :

These toning systems stimulate nerves for body’s muscles, making them firm, and strong.

Reebok Toning Sets :

Suitable for toning and core stability exercises, these Reebok sets come with stand for easy storage. .

Quick Picks

Home Gym Exercise Equipment: 

These gym systems make you fit with their thigh toning features.

Slendertone System Abs Male Healthcare Equipment: 

Built with patented technology, these fully chargeable Slendertone systems can be used anywhere and at anytime for building abs.

Slendertone System- Arms :

You can strengthen your biceps and triceps with these advanced toning technology systems.

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