Barbie Dolls and Accessories Buying Guide

Barbie is not just for kids. Adults are equally fascinated by her! Both vintage and modern Barbie dolls are actively traded by Barbie collectors. Barbie dolls are made under various labels starting from the inexpensive Pink Label followed by Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black at the premium end. Each label denotes the number of pieces manufactured of the same model. You can also buy from the Barbie collections such as the Dolls of the World collection, Great Eras Collection, Fashion Model Collection, The Princess Collection, Bridal Collection and Hollywood Movie Star Collection. 

Barbie Varieties

Barbie has been re-invented with different face sculpts and hair colours – blonde, black, red, etc., and skin tones - white, black, brown etc. Each model of Barbie has a different appeal and your kid can pick the one that she fancies most. She has been dressed up in every outfit from glamorous ball gowns of the Victorian era to shiny disco dresses of the swinging 70s! Contemporary models would include Barbie as a career woman, Barbie as Disney princesses and many more.  

Barbie Backdrops

The fun with fashion doll Barbie is about dressing her up in stunning clothes and accessorising her perfectly for different occasions not to mention creating the entire setting for the occasion. Barbie can be bought as an individual doll or she can come with an environment of her own like a tea party, coffee shop, her town house and a host of other places with miniature furniture sculpted just for her in great detail.  

Barbie’s Wardrobe and Accessories

Your kids can hone their fashion skills by creating a versatile wardrobe for Barbie containing clothes and accessories from different collections like Barbie Basics, Palm Beach Barbie, Holiday Barbie, Malibu Barbie, etc. These collections feature casual wear, formal wear, swim wear, ethnic wear and outfits pertaining to Barbie’s career be it a doctor, nurse, teacher, astronaut, stewardess or cheerleader with the corresponding accessories. To keep Barbie company, your kids can have their pick from among Barbie’s family and friends - Ken, Skipper, Francie, Midge, Stacey, Kelly and many more!  

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Barbie Generation of Dreams Doll 2009 :

Celebrate 50 years of Barbie! She looks stunning in this beautiful ball gown!  

Barbie Island Princess Play Tent :

Get this pink play tent which features Barbie as Rosella! 

Barbie Doll and Bike :

Barbie’s fully articulated legs can bend for cycling.  

Quick Picks

Barbie R/C Roller Girls Doll :

Barbie poses in a retro cool style in her roller skate outfit!  

Barbie Laptop Bag :

Carry around your Barbie or any other learning laptop!  

Barbie Fashion Gift Set :

Mix and match with these lovely Barbie fashion and accessories!  

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