Star Wars Toys and Games Buying Guide 

The Star Wars series is an American sci-fi epic that has influenced generations and cultures across the world with its story and its visual truimphs. The franchise have great many different lines of toys, many of which are highly prizedand collectible by Star Wars enthusiasts.

Different Toys from the Star Wars Collection 

  • Building and Construction Toys: These toys are great for role play. Clone walker battle pack, luke's land speeder and hyena droid bomber are some of the popular building and construction Star Wars toys available.
  • Bikes and Ride-on Toys: Star Wars characters with helmets and rifles riding on bikes are loved by many kids. These toys are ideal for kids and star war collectors. Speeder bike with princess, biker scout and Star Wars wheel bikes are popular in this category.
  • Lightsabers and DVDs: Lightsaber toys resemble the original lightsabers used by characters in Star Warsmovies. These lightsabers are long and come with a press button to ignite and hear buzzing sound as if in a real battle. Some of the models come with DVDs featuring clips of the most intense lightsaber battles ever.
  • Watch Walkie Talkies: LCD Watches with built in walkie talkies are fully functioning and loved most by young Star Wars fans. These watches are great fun for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Plug and Play Games: These electronic Star Wars games attract young kids. They can play different games such as Assault on Hoth, Lightsaber Duel, Battle of Endor and Red Leader with this single device.
  • Star Wars Games: A variety of games depicting Star Wars characters are available. Clone war memory games, giant card games, board games, table top and miniature games, travel games and quiz games are some of the fantastic Star Warsgames loved by kids.
  • Soft Toys: If you child is too young for small plastic toy, get their interest started with soft toys of Star Wars character.

Top Brands 

  • LEGO
  • Brainstorm
  • Lego Figures

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

LEGO Star Wars Walker :

The star wars walker features a projectile launcher and cannons for kids to go on the combat mode.  

Star Wars Clone Wars 96 Piece Puzzleball :

The strong and piece puzzle ball features a secure ball puzzle on a display stand. 

Star Wars Cuddly Toys :

The Star wars cuddly toys have four epic characters from the trilogy and make a sound when squeezed.   

Quick Picks

Star Wars Clone Wars Blaster :

The blasters which feature in the Star Wars Movie are very safe for children to play with.

Star Wars: Ralph McQuarrie Rebel Trooper :

The rebel trooper is a Star Wars favorite amidst children and are a collector’s prized possession  

Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Model Kit :

The star wars X-Wing fighter model kit features a space ship form Star Wars that is combat ready. 

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