Thomas and Friends Buying Guide

With children getting more and more attracted towards cartoon characters, toy manufacturers have managed to refrain from their usual concept of building toys and are more focussed on cartoon character-based toys. Despite their high cost, they are liked by most kids only because the figures are so familiar. One among such very famous toys is Thomas and Friends, based on the British TV show for children.

Thomas and Friends Toy Recommendation by Age

Knowledge on which toys are appropriate for which age might help in choosing your child’s toy.  

  • 0-8 months: During this period, choose toys that will stimulate the baby’s sight and hearing sense like musical toys, bright-coloured toys, teethers and dangling objects. Your new-born definitely deserves the Playgro Thomas Chewy Friend. 
  • 8-12 months: At this stage your child may like to hear a song at the push of a button or see a bird pop out of the window.  
  • 12-18 months: Walking toys, blocks, soft dolls and balls are ideal picks. The Thomas & Friends - Sodor Adventure Land Deluxe Set is recommended at this stage. 
  • 18 months-2 years: Puzzles, blocks, cars and truck may be fancied at this age. The Thomas & Friends Loop the Loop should be your pick for your toddler. 
  • 2-3years: Plastic buildings, blocks, cars, trucks, colouring books, puzzles and trains are a good choice. At this age, the Wooden Railway Gordon the Big Express Engine may be suitable, which can be used by children aged 2-5years.   
  • 3-6 years: Craft kits, board games and puzzles for beginners, building blocks and scissors will help in your kid’s mental development. The Thomas & Friends: Birthday Surprise - 35 Piece Puzzle should be appropriate for this age. 

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Thomas and Friends Phone :

This toy phone with removable handset has  light-up 0-9 numbers and your child’s favourite characters.

Thomas and Friends Whistle and Go Thomas :

Just a blow of a whistle  and this toy train moves forward, stops or reverses. 

Thomas and Friends 8-piece Wooden Playtray :

This wooden playtray will  take your toddler through the world of puzzles.  

Quick Picks

Mookie Thomas and Friends Swingball :

This swingball unit with its  colourful Thomas and Tank Engine graphics introduces your child to the  classic game of swingball. 

Thomas and Friends Sound Around Trike :

This trike with removable  parent handle and footrest gives your child the opportunity to ride  around with real Thomas music and sounds.

Thomas and Friends :

Emily: This engine, called the cheeky one, is  compatible with the Thomas Motor Road and Rail system.descriptiontext 

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