Bead Art and Jewellery Making Buying Guide

Is your kid interested in arts and craft?  They can make jewellery or lots of interesting artwork with the help of beads.

Types of Beads

  • Seed Beeds:  Small, rounded, flat beads made from glass.
  • Charlotte Beeds:   Beads having one side cut flat.
  • Metal Beeds:  Larger beads that are ideal for stringing big, chunky and unique designs.
  • Glass Beads:  Refined, lustrous and elegant beads that are perfect for creating formal and informal jewellery.
  • Wood Beads:  Strong and durable beads.
  • Pearl Beads:  Large, round styled beads for use in jewellery making.
  • Terracotta Beads:  Sparkling beads, found in unique shapes, styles and colours.  

Shapes of Beads 

  • Oval
  • Diamond
  • Saucer
  • Tube
  • Pear
  • Star
  • Cube
  • Stick
  • Donut

Basic Beading and Jewellery Making Tools

  • Bead Boards: These boards enable you to fix your beads in the right place, while stringing.
  • Tweezers: These tools are designed with pointed tips for knotting and come with shovelled ends for scooping.
  • Pliers:  Pliers are great for bending wire, crimping, closing bead tips, stringing as well as cutting.
  • Bead Reamer: They are ideal for smoothing holes and rough edges. These reamers are of two types – mechanical and electrical.
  • Wire: Wire is required for looming, stringing, weaving, linking clasps and earrings to their findings. It is measured in gauge size and is available from 16 to 34.
  • Threads and Cords: Some jewellery making projects require leather string, hemp, chains, translucent string, rattail and twisted cord instead of wire.
  • Needles:  Beading needles are essential if you’re doing beadwork embroidery on a fabric. Twisted wire steel needle, English needle and big eye needle are the major types of needle.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Blue Beads Set :

Mix and match these with some other beads! 

Gold Hippy Bells - Jewellery Findings Making Beads :

These are ideal for jewellery making. 

Aqua Beads Art Deluxe Set :

This kit contains many bead art materials. 

Quick Picks

Garden Bead Kit :

Make bracelets, necklaces and anklets with this kit! 

Bead Art Set :

Get this complete set of assorted beads with string. 

Hama Hearts and Squares Bead Kit :

Create colourful designs on sheets with this kit of beads.  

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