Play Doh Buying Guide

Play-Doh is a modelling compound play item for children. With hundreds of play kits available, they will keep your children entertained with arts and crafts projects in school. It also develops hand-eye coordination, colour skills and an understanding of three dimensional spaces. It is ideal for children as it is non-toxic and easy-to-use.  

Playing with Play-Doh

Play-Doh clay comes in all sorts of colors. You can also mix different compounds to get more colours!

  • Wacky Scents Play-Doh packs can smell like rose, shampoo, pine and some other quirky scents. Just make sure you children are not tempted to eat it even if it is non-toxic.
  • Play-Doh is also made more fun with themed stamping kits that creates fun designs.
  • Play-Doh kits can also be shaped with fun mold kits such as the Spaghetti Playshop, the Ice Cream Playhouse, the Pizza Party Set, the Teletubbies set, the McDonald's Happy Meal Playshop, and etc.
  • Educational Play-Doh is a great gift as well for little children. Preschoolers can have fun while learning the basic concepts of numbers, colours and letters through Play-Doh books. The range includes "My Big Play-Doh Word Book", "My Blue Play-Doh Play Book", "My Green Book: A Play-Doh Brand Play Book" and "My Yellow Play-Doh Book".

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Play Doh Dial N Stamper :

Enjoy creating different shapes on play doh

Play-Doh Hungry Hippos :

Create fish treats for the hungry hippo

Play-Doh Octopus :

This set includes an octopus head and many more accessories

Quick Picks

Playdoh Spaghetti Factory :

Make pretend pasta with this factory

Hasbro Playdoh Fun Factory with 3 Tubs :

Shape, mould and innovate with this set

Play-Doh Favourite Food - Backyard BBQ :

Indulge in crafting some yummy treats

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