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The teen fashion doll who took the world by storm was created by Ruth Handler in United States and named after her daughter Barbara. That’s right, Barbie was born in 1959 and has lived in the hearts of young girls ever since!  

Mattel has dressed Barbie in everything from elegant evening gowns and shimmery party outfits to chic casual attires and sporty dresses! Barbie was a hip teen doll with a trademark blonde ponytail or bubble cut in the 60s. She made her debut in a black-and-white swimsuit. In the 70s, she went retro and became a working woman with several careers. In the 80s, she started her own rock band, The Rockers. She welcomed the digital age of the 90s with a website of her own and Barbie CD-ROMS.  

Timeless Collections

  • Dolls of the World Collection depicts the Barbie doll of other races and ethnicities such as Hispanic, Native American, Swedish, Spanish, Swiss, Irish, German, and India.
  • Hollywood Legends Collection includes Barbie dressed as Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz Barbie, Scarlett O’ Hara Barbie from Gone With the Wind, Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. 
  • Ballroom Beauties Collection includes Midnight Waltz and Starlight Waltz Barbie. 

Collectors also crave dolls from the Great Eras Collection, Fashion Model Collection, The Princess Collection, Bridal Collection, Hollywood Movie Star Collection and the Garden of Flowers Collection. The Happy Holidays series, Artist series and the Fashion Favourites line reached great heights of fame too! Other collector’s favourites include Barbie’s include the Blue Rhapsody Barbie, a porcelain doll, Harley-Davidson Barbie and the Collector Edition 40th Anniversary Barbie wearing a gown inspired by her original black and white swimsuit from 1959. 

While the above are for Barbie collectors, there have been several popular choices among young girls too! From changing her facial features and hair colour to making herself more user-friendly with bendable knees and torso, Barbie has changed according to the times. Keeping with the changing trends and fads, some bestselling models include Monte Carlo Barbie, Barbie with a Fiat car and even Twilight Alice Cullen Barbie Doll!  

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Barbie 3 Musketeers Corinne Doll :

She has a glittering cape that transforms into a pretty skirt

Barbie Little Black Dress :

These packs come with Barbie in different stylish black numbers

Barbie Prima Ballet Doll :

Gift this gorgeous doll to your little ballerina

Quick Picks

Barbie Rapunzel Doll :

This doll comes with hair extensions and beads to play hair styling

Barbie Candy Glam Doll – Raquelle :

This candy-inspired Barbie is very eye-catching

Barbie Fashionista Glam Doll Mattel :

This glamorous doll comes in a fashionable gown

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