Dolls Buying Guide

Dolls provide a sense of comfort to kids. Children love to snuggle with them when they go to sleep. Dolls also capture the fancy of adults as well. Doll collectioning is a serious hobby for some adults. People collect dolls on the basis of either the production era, material, beauty, nostalgic value or anything that they have special interest in. 

Types of Dolls

When it comes to dolls, you can select from different types of dolls depending on their style, popularity or the material used.  

  • Cartoon Dolls:They are an all-time favourite among kids. These dolls are based on popular cartoon characters. Dora and Hannah Montana dolls are some of the famous ones.
  • Cloth Dolls:Otherwise called as rag dolls,these dolls are available in all shapes and forms.
  • Barbie Dolls: Even though they have been around for over 40 years, they have still haven’t lost their popularity.
  • Vinyl Dolls: They are soft and unbreakable and come with rooted hair instead of wigs, giving kids with the freedom to experiment with different hairstyles with the doll.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Corolle - Lea Interactive doll 

Dressed in pink, this cute little interactive doll talks in four different languages and comes with accessories, such as bib, potty, bottle, dish and spoon.

Posable Fifi doll :     

Ideal for kids of 3 years, this doll comes with movable arms and is dressed like a princess in a beautiful dress.

Barbie in a Mermaid Tale Merliah Doll 

It is a transformable doll, which can be transformed  into a cool teenager from Malibu to a beautiful mermaid.

Quick Picks

Little Sunshine Doll 

this adorable sunshine doll, speaks, laughs when tickled, kisses, sleeps and also demands for a drinking cup when she is thirsty.

Dolls World Daisy 

It is a hard bodied vinyl doll that drinks from her bottle and wets in her potty and comes complete with accessories, such as a feeding bottle, nappy and a potty.

Taggies Baby Doll 

With smooth satin and super soft textures and dressed in multi-textured fabrics, your kids will love snuggling up with this cuddly doll.

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