Toy Educational Aids Buying Guide

Toys play a significant role in a child's life. Educational toys are improve their imaginative skills, creativity and intelligence.     

Kinds of Educational Toys

Infants and Babies require toys that acquaint them with shapes, colours and animals. Toddlers and preschoolers will require numbers, letters and word-forming toys. Beyond the age of five, kids are very inquisitive and can be given toys that spark their curiosity in various subjects and fields (according to their liking). 

Pre-School: Wooden toys, pull and push toys and stacking and sorting toys develop their physical motor skills. Counting toys, number toys with addition symbols, alphabets in both small and capital letters can be got to enhance their early learning skills. 

Pretend Play: Increase your child’s creativity and imagination. Kitchen sets, camp sets, crane and construction sets, garage sets, school sets, carpenter tool sets, fire station sets, play bakery sets, doctor sets, fairy sets and train sets are some of the toys they love to pretend and play with. These toys are great for role play and increasing their sense of responsibility.  

Reading and Writing: Jumbled word sets, language translators, word spin games, alphabet and spelling games are ideally got for children to improve their reading and writing skills. 

Maths Toys: Maths needn’t be boring anymore! Magnetic number sets, sum setters and a variety of other numerical games are perfect to improve mathematical skills. You can also get them clock and time games, fraction games and multiplication tables games. 

Art and Activity: Nurture the artist in your child! Get them drawing and painting kits to encourage hands-on art activities for your child. Make sure that the paints or colours used are safe for children. Stencil art sets, splatter art sets, thumb doodles that help in creating impressive pictures from your thumb impressions and stamp sets are some of the art toys available to keep your child occupied for hours. 

Science: Is your child a budding Einstein? Go for toys that are fun and interesting yet informative. Chemistry sets, rocket science toys, human body toys, light and illusion toys and microscopes for kids are some toys that help in enhancing their scientific skills. 

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Finger Print Drawing Kit :

Have fun creating colourful pictures with your own fingerprints! 

Dora the Explorer Alphabet Adventures :

Set off on an alphabet learning adventure! 

Pretend and Play Doctor Set :

Is there a doctor in the house? With this set, there’ll always be one! 

Quick Picks

Set of Two Stencils – Farmyard :

Let your child unleash his creativity! 

Scientific Explorer My First Chemistry Kit :

This set introduces young scientists to the world of chemistry!  

Melissa & Doug - Shape Sorting Cube :

This wooden cube has chunky shapes to insert!  

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