Jigsaws Games Buying Guide

Jigsaw puzzles are enjoyed by all age groups. Children's puzzles are available in a wide variety of sizes. They are generally rated on the basis of number of pieces. Some of these jigsaw puzzles are designed as double-sided puzzles, so that the children enjoy solving puzzles from either side. Advanced puzzles are specifically designed for grownups as they are harder to solve. They are generally intricate and confusing images in stunning and vivid colours. The pieces of these jigsaw puzzles are smaller in size and add an element of complexity.

Tips for Buying a Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Size and Piece Count: The size and piece count of the puzzle should match the age and skill of the puzzler. A two-year old child can find a 500 pieces puzzle difficult to make, but this may suit a whole family.
  • Quality:  Select jigsaw puzzles with vibrant colours, attractive pictures and tightly fitting pieces. The quality of the piece should be strong and not flimsy. These features make the puzzle enjoyable for a longer time.
  • Level of Challenge:  While purchasing a jigsaw puzzle, consider the colour and pattern of the puzzle. A puzzle with a solid colour or repeating pattern will be quite boring and difficult, when compared to the puzzle with variety of colours and amazing patterns.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Farm Cube Puzzle :

This children’s jigsaw has sixteen solid wood cubes.

Timmy Time Jigsaw 4-in-1 Puzzle :

Get this fun and colourful puzzle for your toddlers

Awful Egyptians Jigsaws Puzzles :

This 300 piece puzzle is ideal for the budding Egyptologist!

Quick Picks

Smashing Solar :

Solve the puzzle and then the quiz! 

Jumbo Jigsaw Family of Lions :

This 500pc puzzle shows the King of the jungle with his family! 

The Simpsons Family Christmas Circular Jigsaw :

Are you a fan of the Simpsons? Get this engaging 500 piece puzzle! 

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