Kids Toy Furniture Buying Guide

Toys make the kids’ room colourful and bright. There are varieties of kids toy furniture that make them innovative. Get the right kind of toy furniture for your kids to suit their tastes. You need to change the toy furniture collection, as your kids grow.

Different Types of Kid’s Toy Furniture

  • Waiting Room Toy Furniture: Patio furniture with sofa sets, tables, chairs and couches help children have an imaginary tea party with friend.
  • Kitchen and Dining Sets: Kitchen cutlery, pans, pots, spoons and stoves that make up a toy kitchen are popular amidst children. Dining sets where children imitate a formal dinner are part of their learning routine.
  • Dentist Tables: Your kid will develop an interest to become a dentist in future, upon continuous playing on the dentist’s table. As this is an activity table, you can find a lot of information spread on the table emphasising on the importance of brushing and keeping the teeth clean and neat. Instead of giving lectures about brushing, you can buy this set for your child, as he or she will learn things by their own.
  • Magnetic Tables: These magnetic tables let the kids create under the sea life images. Kids can get a feel that those creatures are in real life, and they can do all real life activities. Undersea lives such as starfish, crabs, turtle and whales tend to move and swim around with the help of the magnet positioned below the table.
  • Furniture Building Toys: Educational toys help in developing the activity skills of kids and also help them set their own living rooms and kitchen, with the construction toys.
  • Doll Furniture Sets: Generally, doll furniture set is expected to have a doll, a cupboard, a dressing table and a closet. You can buy them in gift packs for your kids.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Pintoy Doll's House Nursery Furniture :

The wooden nursery set will provide hours of pretend play for your children.

Sylvanian Families Children’s Bedroom Furniture :

The bedroom furniture portrays bunk beds and a table.

Le Toy Van Starter Furniture :

Made of wood and fabric, the set contains 25 pieces of necessary furniture for the doll house.

Quick Picks

Children's Wooden Toy Furniture Set :

This furniture set includes duck egg blue painted bench and two cream painted chairs plus table.

Hibba Kid's Alphabet-Design Desk and Chair Set :

Made from natural rubberwood, this desk and chair set would be ideal for kids to do their homework.

Plan Toys Dolls House Patio Furniture :

The patio furniture features an umbrella and a toy tea table and chairs.

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