Tidies and Toy Boxes Buying Guide

However, tidying up after every play session is a good habit to instill in a child. Not only does the room look more organised, but it’s easier to find toys again for the next round of play!  

How to Tidy Up Your Kid’s Playroom

  • Toy Chests or Boxes: They come in different sizes and you can get one according to the number of toys your kid has or plans to have! You have to be careful about the weight of the lid and the hinges. Wooden chests are very popular with kids as are hand-painted chests.
  • Toy Bins and Baskets: They are preferred because their lid is easier to open and shut. Toy baskets are ideal for soft and plush toys. Toy wicker baskets can be conveniently placed in a child’ play room. The only snag is that kids tend to tip them over easily.
  • Toy Cabinets and Cupboards: It is easy to store toys, especially games and game boxes in these cabinets and cupboards. Toy dressers with shelves may or may not have doors to cover up the front. If it is an open one, then toys tend to get dusty sitting on the shelf. However, it provides easy accessibility. Try to get one that your kid can reach easily as you don’t want accidents to happen.
  • Tidies: Clear up the clutter on your kid’s study table or desk with an organiser or tidy. They come in various, innovative styles to please little ones.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Boys Pop Up Toy Chest :

This is a cute, blue chest made of polyester.  

Four Friends Toy Chest :

This is a wooden chest with smiling, animal faces.  

Disney Princess Toy Organizer :

This is a toy organiser with nine compartments.  

Quick Picks

Guidecraft Little Farmhouse Barn Toy Chest :

This chest in vivid colours has safety hinges.  

Teamson Magic Garden Toy Chest :

This chest has a lid that doubles up as bench seating for kids! 

Moulin Roty Lila Large Toy Chest :

This pink chest is perfect for your little princess! 

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