Outdoor Playhouses and Tents Buying Guide

Kids, both boys and girls, love indulging in make-believe and pretend play! Playhouses and tents with doors and windows serve as their ‘dream world’ and provide a fantastic backdrop for their imaginative games.  

Styles of Playhouses and Tents

There are endless options when searching for a playhouse or tent. A tree house is a favourite of many kids. You can either buy a tree house or build one yourself as there are many easy-to-assemble playhouses available. Castle playhouses are ideal if your daughter dreams of being a Princess. Get her a Disney Princess playhouse or tent. Cottage playhouses and double storey playhouses are for those kids with a luxurious taste.   

Tents are made of durable, plastic materials and generally come in collapsible and pop-up styles. Hence, they are travel-friendly and kids can take them along to the beach or a picnic. A cardboard tent is an affordable option and offers the benefit of allowing the kid to decorate it according to his or her own will! Tents come in many designs and themes to match the unique preferences of each child. Floral tents, space tents, railway station tents, cartoon tents, hanging tents, igloo and tee pee tents are just some of the alternatives you can consider. 

Some Important Factors

  • Foldable tents and playhouses are easy to transport. Being lightweight will give them an advantage of being safe around children.  
  • Playhouses and tents that are more permanent structures should be easy to assemble. They have the advantage of being sturdy and can resist inclement weather. 
  • Keep in mind the space your kid requires. Get a larger one as your little boy will clutter it up with his junk. Little girls would love to set up a home complete with her tiny furniture and other homely accessories.  
  • Some kids may want a playhouse or tent for a specific purpose – as a carpenter’s shed, a fairy tale castle or a photo studio. Bear in mind these little things when buying one.  

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Mookie Large Playhouse :

This is a colourful house with a sturdy construction. 

Woodland Cottage Playhouse :

This cute cottage transports you to fairy tale land!  

Paperpod Play House :

Your kid will love to hide out in this adorable igloo! 

Quick Picks

Ben 10 Alien Force Playtent Playhouse Tent :

Kids will love this space-theme tent especially when there’s an imaginary alien invasion!  

Disney Princess Wendy Tent :

Welcome to the world of Disney princesses!  

Thomas Pop-up Station Tent :

Create a fantasy railway station with this Thomas tent. 

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