Tableware Napkins Buying Guide

We don't think much about napkins, but be it lunch, high tea, or a drink at the pub - napkins are a convenience that difficult to live without these days. You might not need to use napkins often at home, but the occasional dinner party might require you to lay out some elegant cloth napkins or fun and colorful ones for a kids party.

Napkin Varieties

  • Bow-tied Beverage Napkins: These napkins have the design of black bow tie printed on it, along with the foil stamp bearing the text of your choice to personalise the napkin to match the event. These are generally 5 x 5 fold.
  • Tee Time Beverage Napkins: These are 3-ply special kind napkins with 5 x 5 inches fold.

Types of Materials Used

  • Linen Napkins: They are usually white in colour and have a perfect square shape. These napkins can be starched, ironed and can be folded in to myriad shapes.They can be made from a variety of fabrics including polyester, twill, damask or blends of several fabrics.
  • Cotton Napkins:These napkins are popular like the linen napkins. They are durable, soft, have high absorbing power and are easy to maintain.
  • Paper Napkins: They can be used and thrown away. since these napkins are less expensive, they are widely used on formal occasions including weddings and funerals. They are available in a wide variety of styles, weight and quality.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Embroidered Reindeer Napkins :

A set of four, these napkins are made of fine cotton and have a red stitch reindeer in the corner.

Metallic Napkin :

Its tone on tone metallic colour creates a distinctive, reversible design versatile enough to compliment any décor.

Camargue Napkin :

Simple in design, this napkin is generously sized with stripes woven down one side.

Quick Picks

Grey Striped Napkins :

They look great teamed up with the grey placemats and tablecloths with grey borders.

Faucigny Black Napkins :

These napkins showcase elegance in their cream and black wide stripe pattern. 

Solid Coloured Yellow Lunch Napkins :

These will perfectly compliment many of your themed tableware ranges.  

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