Science Kits Buying Guide

Science toys and games help to improve reasoning skills and creativity in young children. Children who love science will definitely enjoy making, inventing and building with these kits. 

Various Types of Science Kits

  • Inventor kits come with inventor manuals to help your children to carry out fascinating projects. Build touch, light and sound sensitive security alarms, interactive spacecraft, a lie detector and much more with these kits.
  • Chemistry kits are very popular because the bubbling liquids and shiny test tubes fascinate children! These kits enhance the love for chemistry by teaching experiments in a fun and exciting manner.
  • Cars and vehicles assembling kits are one of the ingenious educational toys. Create and assemble together the parts of a car.
  • Electricity and magnetism toy kits contain weird and wacky experiments on electricity and magnetism. Your boy is definitely going to love this thrilling and informative game. Your child will be awed to watch magnetic sculptures, electronic circuits and flowing electricity. These kits are suitable for children of 10 years of age and above.
  • Crystal kits help your children to learn and know everything about growing and cultivating crystals. These kits contain all you need to know about growing at least 12 seriously large crystals safely. Kids will learn about how crystals were formed when the earth’s gases were cooled.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Science Museum - Finger Print Kit :

Play Sherlock Holmes at the crime scene with this kit

Crystal Laboratory Science Kit :

Start cultivating real crystals with this explanatory kit.

Volcano Making Kit Educational Science Toy :

Create a volcano and enjoy watching the eruption.

Quick Picks

Science Time Solar Racer Model Toy Kit :

This is an easy-to-assemble toy kit. 

Chemistry At Home Junior Science Kit :

Chemistry will no longer be complicated if you have this kit

Science Museum - Dinorobot - Robot Making Kit :

Bring robots to life with this interesting kit

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