Toy Balls Buying Guide

Even though several electronic toys and television have captured most of your kid’s time, your children will still love to play with different kinds of balls that give them surplus entertainment. You need to encourage them to engage in some fun physical activity for ensuring their physical health. 

Varieties of Toy Balls

Lolo Balls: Lolo balls help you and your children to test the physical balance and strength of your body. Kids love to test how long they can stand on these lolo balls with balance. They are made of highly durable material and are strong and sturdy. These balls are ideal gifts for children. These toys are a great exercise for both adults and children. They provide with fun filled group activities and you can invent new competitions in your party with these balls. 

Super Swing Balls: Swing balls are ideal for use in garden or on the beach. They are great fun for players of all ages. These swing balls help you in improving your hand and eye coordination. They are easy to assemble and you can alter the height of the pole and the length of the twine to suit.

Juggling Balls: Juggling is the most fun activity which increases your concentration drastically. Also researches say that juggling keeps your grey matter of central nervous system working well. These balls are lightweight and are available in wide variety of sizes and colours. Juggling balls are known to improve the motor skills of your children. 

O balls: Oballs feature a ball with 32 spherical holes that are easy to hold and easy to catch and throw. Oballs are called everybody’s balls as there are no age restrictions in playing them. Tiny tots to older men and women can have a fantastic game of throw ball or beach ball with them.    

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Mookie Lolo Ball :

Let your children test their strength and balance using the Mookie Lola ball.

Mookie All Surface Swing Ball :

The swing ball is a high energy game whether you choose to play it in water or sand.

Set of PVC Juggling balls :

The juggling balls are muti-coloured for a budding entertainer.


Quick Picks

Oballs :

Large oballs are a part of rhino toys range and are very  colourful featuring holes to grip and throw. 

Toy Story Soccer Ball :

The soccer ball features a toy story design  for improving your child’s footie skills.  

Playgro - Bendy Ball :

The colourful bendy ball features a rattle  inside a funky coloured bendy shell.   

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