Wooden Toy Trains Buying Guide

Wooden toy trains  have a simple mechanism with trains made of wood and connectors and fasteners made of metal and magnets. They have a vintage quality to them and are well suited for toddlers and children as they are lightweight and durable. 

Kinds of Wooden Toy Trains

  • Wooden Pull along Trains: Toddlers who have just learnt to walk would find pulling the wooden trains an interesting game. These wooden trains have wheels for pulling across carpets or plain floors.   
  • Wooden Toy Train Sets: A station master, an engine driver and the model of railway station intact with tracks form the base of the toy train set. The trains can move about the tracks or even go across hilly terrains available in many train sets. 

Toddler- Toy Train Safety Tips

  • When toddlers are playing with wooden pull-along toy trains, they should be supervised for they may have a fall.
  • Make sure the trains you buy do not have small parts that can be swallowed.
  • Wooden electric train sets should be operated by children only under adult supervision as here you are dealing with electric current.  

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Wooden Thomas & Friends Percy the Small Engine :

Percy the small engine wooden train is a fun character from Thomas and friends and is loved by tiny tots.  

Wooden Stacking Train :

The stacking train is a fun game that develops hand and eye coordination in toddlers.        

Figure 8 Train Set :

The wooden train runs on a figure eight track that features a bridge.    

Quick Picks

Wooden World Foldaway Train Set & Carry Mat :

The train set is a foldable option similar to a carry mat. 

Wooden Fair Trade Toy Pull along Train :

The pull along wooden train contains an engine and two coaches for little ones to pull along.   

Wooden Toy Wind-up train :

The wooden toy wind up train requires no batteries for working them.    

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