Trampolines are big, bouncy and bursting with fun! Kids, family, and friends can all get hours of entertainment from them, not to mention that using a trampoline is great aerobic activity. Choosing one to put in your backyard is easy. Prying the kids off it when it's time for bed is another story. So here's where to get started, from features, to great models, to popular accessories, this guide has it all.

Choosing the Right Shape

* Note that many safety groups do not recommend multiple users bouncing at once because there is a higher potential for collisions and for bouncing someone off the trampoline.

Choosing the Right Size

For circular models: * An 8' model is usually good for young children. It can fit two tikes at most, but it's lower to the ground so they can easily get up onto it. * A 10' model is too small for adults, but fine for kids. The small radius makes them bouncier and they are designed to be slightly lower to the ground. * Models from 12-13' are perfect for teens and adults and provide ample bounce for two users at once. * 13'-14' models can fit up to three people comfortably. It has 44% more bounce than a 12' model, so it can grow with kids.

Other Features

* '''Frame''': The frame needs to be made of heavyjunction leg sockets offer the most stability. * '''Frame Pad''': It needs to fit snugly so that it doesn't slip or slide off the tramp while jumping. Make sure that it is made of a UV resistant, PVC reinforced material so that it lasts and that it is brightly colored so as to act as a guide to the jumper. Also ensure that the width overlaps several inches onto the trampoline surface and around the edges of the frame so as to protect jumper's fingers from the springs. It should contain foam from 20-30mm in thickness to provide protection from the springs. * '''Springs''': You want them strong, long, and in large quantities. Keep in mind that the larger the trampoline, the larger the springs and the more of them are on the trampoline. That means better bounce, longer wear, and more durability. Nonetheless, you still must check the weight limitations on the springs when buying. Always go for a "better" model with more resistant springs and a higher weight limit so that as you advance, you can be sure that the springs will support both your weight and your increased bounce which will put more stress on the springs. * '''Weight Limit''': This is very important. Know how many people plan to use the trampoline and how big they are on average. The maximum weight limit includes everyone on the trampoline as well as their combined ability. The more avanced the user, the more they push off the trampoline to get higher bounce, which in turn stresses the springs more. The more stress on the springs, the less weight they support.


Trampolines have been known to cause injuries due to falls and problems with the springs (trapping fingers and slipping through the spaces). Nowadays there are a slew of accessories created to make trampolines safer and more fun for everyone. Some are necessary, while others can simply enhance your experience. Of course, little children will need more safety features than adults. An enclosure is one of those very useful accessories to have for young children especially if you buy a larger model meant for the whole family.