Ever wish you could outjump a kangaroo? Maybe not, but now that I've said it you're definitely thinking about the many joys of bouncing--sans gooey pouch. While you imagine yourself effortlessly flying from one city rooftop to the next, you lament that these splendours cannot be afforded your spring-less human legs. It may be true that aside from professional basketball players, not many of us get in that quality jumping time we so desire. Luckily for us, we are creatures that always find a way around nature, and thus we created the trampoline .

What's the difference?

How do trampolines differ according to purpose? A great deal. Keep these things in mind when buying one:

  • For whom am I buying the trampoline?
  • For what purpose am I buying it? 
  • How much room do I have?


Small Aerobic Trampoline 

  • Perfect for stationary exercise.
  • Can fit in most limited spaces.
  • Not good for recreational or group use or for children.

Round Trampoline 

  • The most versatile type of trampoline.
  • Suitable for exercise and/or play.
  • There is an abundance of poorly manufactured models, so be wary.

Rectangular Trampoline 

  • Varied and powerful springs make this best for gymnastic and other athletic practices. 
  • Due to structure of springs, should only be used one person at a time (despite size).

Inflatable  and Water Trampolines 

  • Can be used on land and in water.
  • Same bounce that one would get on land.
  • Good for lounging or bouncing.
  • Can be stored easily (since it is deflatable).

Trampoline Pod 

  • Perfect safety measure for children.
  • Enclosure fits right into sockets (eliminating need for brackets).
  • Door fastens safely closed.

Other Things To Consider

  • Shape and size: For recreational public and private use, the circular trampoline is more popular than the rectangular one; its multi-purposefulness makes it good for exercise, group activities, individual fun and more. The rectangular version is designed more to accommodate serious athletes and gymnasts. One thing to consider when buying either of these models is how long you expect to keep your trampoline. Is it better to get a larger or a smaller, more temporary one? The larger one would be a good investment for growing children--this way the trampoline will be of longer use. Keep in mind that a good thing to check is the weight limit. Although you may not think you need a high limit, before making a choice, take future events, multiple people, and growth expectations into consideration. 
  • Frame: Cheaper models often come with lightweight frames. It is really best to get a steel frame between 1.5m and 2.0mm, but if this is not possible, make sure there is a "T Junction" socket where the frame joins the leg--this socket creates better stability.
  • Padding: The outer padding protects jumpers from the springs, frames, and sockets; they should slightly overlap the jumping area to ensure safety. Make sure your pad is waterproof and fits snugly--waterproof pads are made from a closed cell polyethylene foam.
  • Springs: The springs should be thick, helical (-shaped) steel and should be protected against rust and rotting. Those that have more springs and thicker steel will be able to hold more weight.
  • Warranty: Most warranties individually cover all parts of the trampoline (such as frame, springs, jumping bed, etc.). Make sure your warranty covers all parts of the item and check for how long each one is covered. 



  • Protects the trampoline from weather and debris when not being used. 


  • A fun way to set up an outdoor tent.
  • Most models are water and fire resistant.
  • Provides shelter for bouncing in the rain.


  • Can be bought to fit any trampoline.
  • Enclosure should be at least 1.8m high.
  • Recommended for children six years and under, and also for inexperienced beginners.

Bounce Board 

  • Perfect for practising board sport tricks.
  • Flexible foam material bends with trampoline.
  • Lightweight and slip resistant.
  • Not recommended for children under the age of eight.


  • Eliminates the struggle of climbing atop your jumping equipment.
  • Available with varied height settings.

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