Travel Organisation Guide

Making your journey an organised one is important. Travelling isn't all sight-seeing and sampling local cuisine; it can be very hectic, especially if you're flying these days. Organising your clothes and travel accessories means there is less time spent sorting your bags and looking for your passport , and more time available to admire the local architecture.

  • Replace your old, tired suitcases with durable luggage . You want your pieces to be long-lasting and organisation-ready!
  • For shorter trips, a full set of matched luggage  with multiple trunks and bags is a little much. If you're more of a weekend getaway person, keep things simple with one or two bags, tops.
  • See our guide to Luggage for elaborative details on models and how to select the right luggage for you. But for now, the basics of organisation.  


Generally, the luggage you choose should be easy for you to carry, easy to identify, and tagged with identification in case it gets lost. Avoid overpacking your bags, as this will make it harder to remove things or add in new items. Keep your wallet  and any identifying information  in an inside pocket in your bag or on your person.

Luggage Overview


Wheeled suitcases , also called Trolley  or Pullman suitcases, are popular and easy to use; just keep your wrists straight and let the luggage follow.


Suitcases with pockets  and compartments can help you keep things in order. It's hard to lose your possessions  if everything has a place.

  • Keep items separate. Put toiletries  in one compartment and socks in another.
  • Compartments  also keep items from shifting around inside the suitcase and getting lost. 

Shoulder Straps 

Bags with shoulder straps  are ideal for light packing, or for use as a carry-on .

  • Garment bags  come with shoulder straps for easy portability!
  • Laptop bags  make it easy to tow around your personal electronics as you juggle other pieces of luggage in your hands. 

Organisational Needs for All

It's easy to suggest you get a luggage set with compartments and pockets but these pieces won't necessarily help you stay organised as the trip progresses. Holiday goers unpack and repack they go along, adding souvenirs  and other trinkets ; that gets messy without reinforcements. Consider some of the options below to help you stay on top of everything.

Toiletry Bag 

A hanging toiletry bag  is great for holding mini travel bottles  and for keeping organised after you check in.

Vacuum-Sealed Bags 

These bags keep clothes compressed and clean. Some also claim to reduce bulk, allowing you to pack more!

Travel Jewellery Organiser 

Sort out your jewellery so that it doesn't tangle or get loose during travel. There's nothing worse that a lost earring while you're on holiday.

Packing Cubes 

Cram more clothing in and keep it all sorted; if you get stopped in the security line, this will make it easy for airport personnel to check quickly.

Shoe bag 

Protect those Italian leather shoes  and keep other items in your bag from collecting the shoe dirt.

For Women

Women have certain grooming needs that don't disappear just because they're spending the week in Calais. Keep your bag  uncluttered and your grooming essentials protected with special cases and travel items .

Travel Make-up Case 

An sturdy alternative to the cosmetic bag . This will protect your various liquids, powders, and glosses.

Travel Brush Case 

Store all make-up brushes  in one convenient location. You can also buy special mini-travel brush sets.

Hair Straightener or Curling Iron Cover 

Protect your hair styling tools  from damage. For battery-powered styling tools, disconnect them before you go.

Travel Hair Dryer 

Find a hair dryer  small enough to take everywhere. 

Lingerie Bag 

Keep panties  and other hot numbers stored away neatly in an easy-to-find location.

For Men

While some men grow a beard on holiday and drape themselves in T-shirts and trainers, there are other chaps out there who prefer to travel in style. Stay sharp with kits for grooming and remaining wrinkle-free.

Grooming Kit 

The essentials for male hygiene  in one simple and compact case.

Shaving Kit 

Keep the shaver  and its components separate and protected.

Shoe Shine Kit 

Shoe polish  will be needed for those special nights out or those important business meetings. 

Tie Cases and Caddies 

Keep neck ties  nice and neat in these portable storage containers.

Wrinkle Release Spray 

A convenient alternative to the travel iron  so button-down shirts  will lose their wrinkles in no time.

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