Travel Organization: Packing 101

Don't waste valuable travel time dealing with tangled jewelry, leaking shampoo bottles, wrinkled clothing, or worse: clothing stained ''from'' your leaking shampoo. There is an abundance of products out there to simplify your sojourn, whether it's business or fun. There are travel totes, cases, briefcases and bags that go far beyond standard luggage for toiletries, shirts, suits, ties, shoes, jewelry, even underwear. The styles of bags and organizers have a wide range for both men and women. And remember, with heightened airport security, employees are more likely now than ever to rummage through your belongings. Take some extra precautionary measures before you take off so you can help prevent wrinkles, spills, and a picked-over suitcase.

For Your Clothing

Garment bags are typically a carry-on item during travel. They either lay in the overhead compartment or hang in a closet. They're meant to keep clothes from wrinkling the way hanging them in a closet would, so don't overstuff them. If a bag is too full, it won't lay flat when folded and, in turn, your clothes will wrinkle. '''Important Features''' * Sturdy zippers * A loop at one end so you can attach a lock (though if you're flying these days, you should ''not'' lock your checked luggage) * A separate set of short handles so you have the option of a carrying by hand or on your shoulder * Detachable shoulder straps * A clasp on the bottom so that the ends latch together * A handle or hanger that will allow the bag to hang in a closet '''What to Look for'''

For Your Accessories

Trust that your scarves, pocketbooks, ties, shoes, and jewelry are not destined for organizational disaster. At least not with these super-convenient, "why-didn't-i-think-of-that?" tools.

For All the In-Betweens

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