Treadmills Buying Guide

Treadmills are one of the world's most popular exercise equipment and for good reason. They provide a quality workout and having one in your home will save you from spending hundreds on a gym membership. Also, the belts are easier on joints than pavement and you can adjust the treadmill to the type of run or walk you want to have. Buying the right one for your price range and space availability can be tough, though, so its important get all your facts straight. Take a look through this guide for some helpful advice.

How to Find the Perfect Treadmill

Type of Workout

Before you go any further, you should decide what kind of workout the treadmill is going to be primarily used for. One type may be better for uphill walking, while another is more suitable to a long distance runner. Some are meant just for walking and won't be able to handle even a light jog, so here are some tips when it comes to finding the right one for your workouts.

  • If you plan on running at all on your treadmill, make sure that there is a wide enough belt. (At least 18 inches wide)
  • If you're just going to be using it for walking, you won't need it to be as shock absorbent. Treadmills with higher shock absorbency are more expensive, so unless you're using its for running or jogging you won't need to spend the extra cash.
  • If you're going to be running on it, be sure it has good shock absorbency. Belts that are shock absorbent will be easier on joints.

Price Range

Getting the most out of your hard earned cash is very important when it comes to treadmills, but you shouldn't purchase just on price alone. Here are some hints when it comes to buying for your budget.

  • Under 1,000
    • These treadmills are pretty basic and so are all of their features. The cheaper you go the less extras its going to have but for the most part they include a display for speed, distance, time and calories as well as a shelf and water bottle holders.
    • They aren't built as sturdy and tend to need more repairs than more expensive models.
    • They are lighter and have narrower belts making them better for walking or light jogs.

Here are some Top Picks for under 1,000

Smooth 5.25 

Sole F63 

Epic 425 MX 

  • 1,000 to 2,000
    • In terms of construction, these are better than your basic treadmill and have many more features.
    • In additon to the display of speed, calories, distance and time, they also include a heart monitor and some exercise programs.
    • They are pretty durable and good for the casual runner. You may want to look into a bigger investment if you plan on using it daily or for long workouts.

Here are some Top Picks for 1,000-2,000

Sole F83 Treadmill 

Bowflex 7 Series 

Life-Fitness T3-5 

  • Above 2,000
    • Higher end treadmills are great for longer workouts and if you plan to run frequently.
    • They usually have a rigid frame, better motor and more features than cheaper styles.
    • They will require less maintenance and have better warranties.

Here are some Tops Picks for above 2,000

Trimline 7800SS 

Precor M.33 

Life Fitness T7i 

Space Availibility

Depending on the size of your house or apartment, you want to be sure to have enough space to accomodate your new treadmill. There are two basic types to choose from based on where you want to put it and how you want to store it.

  • Folding Treadmills 
    • These are good for small spaces such as an office or a small bedroom.
    • They can be easily stored away and usually have wheels making it easier to move them around.
  • Static Deck Treadmills 
    • These are more durable, but take up more space.
    • They tend to need less repairs and have less specific standards for their users.



  • Belts, usually made from rubber, are what you're going to be walking or running on.
  • Most higher quality belts are made of two materials (rubber and nylon-polyester blend)


  • The majority of treadmills either come with a steel or aluminum frame.
    • Both materials are strong and long lasting, but steel tends to be more sturdy.
  • Make sure it has steady side arms and cross bar to hold onto for when you lose your balance.


  • This is the display that will let you adjust your treadmill and show you calories, speed, etc.
  • Those with unclear buttons or tiny windows for display will be more difficult to use and harder to read, so make sure it's user friendly!
  • Look for treadmills that have warranties on all their electronics. Some even come with lifetime warranties!


  • This supplies all the power to your belt.
  • The higher end treadmills will have better quality motors with longer warranties.
  • Having a motor with good horsepower will ensure that your treadmill stays at a steady pace under any load or speed.


  • These are the metal tubes at each end of the belt.
  • The larger the diameter of the roller the better, so look for ones that are at least 2 to 3 inches in diameter.

Quick Picks 

Sole F63 

Smooth 6.25 

NordicTrack Incline Trainer X5 

PaceMaster Gold Elite 

Landice L7 Pro Sports Trainer 

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