Trunks Buying Guide

The right pair of trunks is very important if you have to look good and feel comfortable as you dive into the beach or pool. There are form-fitting styles which are a good choice when swimming, while baggy styles are more for comfortably relaxing by the pool, beach or at home.

Types and Styles of Trunks

Men's underwear trunks: They are similar to boxer shorts and a comfortable option for everyday wear. As they are form-fitting, they are also ideal for men playing sports.

Swim trunks: There are mainly two variations in swim trunks, based on the length: 

  • Medium Length Swim Trunks – They reach to the mid or upper-thigh and give opportunity for tanning. 
  • Board shorts: They are also known as surfing shorts. They are longer than the medium length styles, almost reaching down to the knee, so these board shorts do not allow significant tanning.
  • Some trunks come with cargo packets to store small items like keys and money.
  • A few styles come with zip or buttons fitted in the front. 
  • Most trunks have an interior net lining for support.


Choose trunks made of nylon or polyester if you are looking at quick drying fabric. You can also go for cotton-polyester mix, which is an ideal material for swimwear. Trunks for everyday wear are usually made of cotton.

Popular Brands for Trunks

Some of the famous brands for men’s trunks are the following:  

  • Calvin Klein
  • Tommy Hilfige
  • Jocke
  • Polo Ralph Laure
  • Lacoste
  • Hugo Boss
  • Diesel

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Calvin Klein Men's Micro Modal Trunks :

These trunks offer good back coverage and a snug fit. 

Navy Marl Trunks :

They are designed from 100% cotton and are machine washable. 

ELLOS Swim Trunks :

They have a polyester mesh lining and drawstring at waist. 

Quick Picks

Diesel Men’s Trunks :

These machine-washable trunks come with branded waistband. 

Hipster Swim Trunks :

They are ideal for the sporty type. 

Bjorn Borg Trunks :

They feature different patterns including stripes, prints and more. 

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