Ultra Compact Digital Cameras

These cameras are so small and lightweight that you will be checking your pocket just to make sure it's there. Believe it or not, the smallest around can fit into an Altoid's box. Compact digital cameras are great for quickly capturing moments from a night out, party, or vacation, and then sharing them online with friends and family.  Unless you're a real photo buff and prefer carrying around a 35mm camera, these are the way to go nowadays.  Most are about the size of a credit card and only a couple centimeters thick, some even fit on a keychain digital camera.  Don't be fooled by these little wonders; they are just as powerful as their bigger digital counterparts. Plus, most of the newest models are made to have massive LCD screens (but no viewfinder) and internal zoom lenses. These super-sleek models will cost from about $100 and up. Don't be afraid of the price tag though. Their impressive resolution (usually 10-12 megapixels) will be sure to impress and grow with you.

Popular Ultra Compacts

These cameras are top rated for their affordability, small size, and big picture quality.  

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