Upright Vacuums

canister vacuums, although individual models can cost a few hundred dollars. Also, due to their size, they usually have more power and can therefore pick up additional dirt on most surfaces. There are lots of vacuum cleaner models out on the market, ranging in price and style. Read on below to find out what's best for you.

Bag or Bagless?

* Bagging Vacuums ** '''Pros''' *** Cleanup is easy; just remove the bag and put a new one in. *** Good for people with allergies who might be sensitive to vacuum dust. ** '''Cons''' *** You have to keep buying bags; all the money and extra waste start to add up. *** Unless you have a "bag full" light, it can be hard to tell when the bag is full (except that the vacuum won't work as well). * Bagless Vacuums ** '''Pros''' *** Easy to see when it's full as they usually have a clear canister. *** Less waste, and no need to keep buying bags. ** '''Cons''' *** Can be messy to empty. Look for one that empties from the bottom to make it a little easier. *** Dust released during emptying could be bad for people with serious allergies.

Important Features

Look for the following in any vacuum: * '''The Filter''' ** HEPA is the way to go if you have bad allergies. ** Unless your allergies are severe, you'll probably be ok with most vacuums; filter technology has improved significantly in the past few years. * '''Hard Floor Attachments''' ** If you plan to use your upright on hard floors, make sure it has a revolving brushroll with an on/off switch. * '''Long Cords and Hoses''' ** The longer the better. ** Longer cords mean fewer times that you'll have to change outlets to reach another part of the room. ** Longer hoses will make it easier to clean hardreach places, like the tops of cabinets and under furniture. * '''Tools and Attachments''' ** If you have many different surfaces to clean, such as furniture, high places, and drapes, you might want a vacuum with a number of special attachments. ** Standards include crevice and upholstery tools as well as a telescoping tube. * '''Location of Hose''' ** Look for a vacuum with the hose attached as low on the body as possible. This will help prevent the vacuum tipping over when you use an attachment. * '''Full Bag Indicator''' ** Takes the guesswork out of changing the bag, if you opt for a bagging model. * '''Self Propulsion''' ** Self-propelled models make pushing and pulling less difficult. ** Self-propelled vacuums also tend to be heavier. * '''Clean/Dirty Indicator''' ** This indicates whether the vacuum is still sucking up any dirt, not whether the carpet itself is still dirty or not. * '''Manual Pile Height Adjustment''' ** Sometimes you'll want to set this yourself for best results while cleaning.

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